Thursday, February 20, 2014

House of ManLove Flash

Sit back and enjoy a special Valentine's Day with Devon and Cyril of We Are Daddy (Weekend Getaway from SCP) and their now sixteen year old daughter Sydney.

Valentine's Jeans

“Time has just flown by. Our girl is sixteen and she has a Valentine’s Day date.” Cyril looked over at his husband with the same loving eyes that he always did. Blown away that even after all these years, they only had eyes for each other. Sure they were a little older. A little more gray. But the love had never died. And Sydney coming into their lives, while not always easy, never failed to keep the daddies on their toes.

“Yeah,” Devon chuckled. “In another few years it’s college, engagement, marriage and then children.” He shuddered at the thought, " then we’ll be grandparents."

“Bite your tongue.” Cyril leaned in for his morning kiss.  “Mmm.”

“So, Mr. Eona. Since our beautiful Sydney is going on a date tonight, what ever shall we do to entertain ourselves?”

“Sleep?” Cyril spoke as he chased Devon’s lips once again. “We may be getting too old for sex-fest, hmm?”

“Never.”  Devon’s voice became low, almost a whisper.  “As long as you’re in my arms, everything else falls into place. I love you Cee, always.”

Tears pooled in Cyril’s eyes. Valentine’s Day used to be filled with romantic, candle-lit dinners and hours of making love by the fire, but since their lives changed fourteen years ago when Sydney came into their home and hearts, the sex-fest took a back seat to raise a daughter. That’s not to say they their love life suffered, but impromptu loving and couple dinners were few and far between. Cyril missed those days.

“Well, first we hit the shower. Together.” Cyril pivoted his legs and sat on the side of the bed, allowing the tension in his deformed right foot to ease, the light blue sheet pooled at his waist. “Then we help our anxious daughter pick out the perfect outfit. Prepare yourself, because I predict a trip to the mall will be in order because she’ll have- nothing to wear, Daddy.” Cyril smiled as Devon laughed at the perfect imitation of their daughter. Teenagers.

“Shower, breakfast and shopping.” Cyril gave a full belly laugh as Devon hustled from the bed and swept him into his arms, always mindful of his foot, but never making Cyril feel different.

Life was good.

Sydney heard the shower kick on so she quickly made her phone call. After two rings the line picked up and the teen spoke quietly, “Morning Pixie, are we set? My Dads’ think I have a date tonight, so ya know they’ll expect me to hit them up to go to the mall.” She chuckled, knowing her Dad and Popi so well.

“Operation Valentine’s Day is a go,” Pixie responded with a gleam in her voice. Over the years she had come to know and love the Eona-Haley family, since the day she was hired to be Sydney’s nanny fourteen years ago. Now married and with two small children of her own, the families always stayed in touch. Officially she hadn’t been Sydney’s nanny since she turned ten, but the bond was formed and lasting friendships made.

“I don’t think that my dads have had a date night since the moment I came into their lives. Everything is in my bedroom, all the decorations. And the food will be delivered at about two. You’re sure this is okay?” Sydney laughed thinking about the looks on her dads’ faces when they’d see their surprise.

“Everything will be fine and besides, Chuck and I get the benefit of this arrangement too, since you’ll be babysitting my hellions while we go out.” Sydney rolled her eyes knowing that Pixie would do this for her and her dads even if she and Chuck had no plans.

“Okay then, the plan is about to be set in motion. And I’ll see you around three when you pick me up.”

“See ya kiddo.”

Sydney hung up the phone just as Cyril and Devon entered. Game on. “Morning Dad, Popi.”

“Morning pumpkin,” both men chimed as she went to them with morning kisses.

“I started the coffee maker, but wasn’t sure about breakfast.”

“Uh oh, Cee, you were right.  We’re being buttered up for something.” Devon chortled as he gazed upon his daughter’s sweet expression.

“Hardy, hardy Popi. Now come on, I have a date and I may need something to wear. I don’t have anything that says, Valentine’s Day jeans.”

“What the heck is Valentine’s Day jeans?” Devon asked, a lilt to his voice, never hearing such a thing.

“Dad, tell Popi. No one wears dresses anymore for pizza and a movie.”

“Hey you two, keep me out of this. What do I know about dresses?”

“Okay, okay,” Devon lifted his hands in defeat. “You win, pumpkin.  Just let your dad and I have our coffee and about an hour’s time of work in my office, then it’s the mall for Valentine’s Day jeans.”

The afternoon went off without a hitch and Sydney barely contained her excitement knowing what they would encounter upon returning home. She had researched the coffee shop where her dads had met and attempted to replicate it.

Packages in hand, Sydney ran towards the front door and opened the den door, so they could see the twinkling lights upon entering the house. She knew the moment they entered as she heard their collective gasps.

“What’s this?” Her Popi asked. “Cee?”

“I have no idea babe. Wait, look at the sign over the bistro table. Hey, we own a bistro table?” Cee asked as he made his way into the room taking in the twinkling red and white lights. Trays of strawberries dipped in chocolate, bagels, coffee and champagne and orange juice chilling.

“Surprise.” An air of doubt laced with excitement hinted in Sydney’s voice. “It’s where you first met. Of course, except for the bagels and coffee, the rest was mine and Pixie’s idea. By the way, I’m out of here to spend the night at Pixie’s- no date, except babysitting.”  Tears welled in her eyes as she continued.  “I want you to have a great Valentine’s, no teenager running amok, just the two of you. You’ve given me so much and this is my way of saying thank you.”

Taken back by the loving generosity of their daughter, Cyril simply leaned towards her and pecked her cheek. “Thank you pumpkin. You have no idea,” his voice trailed.

“I do Daddy. Popi. I love you both. Enjoy. Dinner’s in the oven for when you want to heat it. See you tomorrow and thanks for the jeans.” Her laughter could be heard as she closed the door.

“Well Mr. Eona? It appears we have been duped by our teenager.” Reaching for his husband’s hand, he led Cee to the small table, sitting, he pulled the man onto his lap. Hand at the nape of his neck, fingering the silky strands, he pressed his lips to the man’s mouth that he was accustomed to kissing for over twenty five years. “Two dates Cee that are forever etched in my mind. The first, the day you tossed your coffee on me. And the second...”

“The day we became daddy.” Cee finished the sentence. And now a third,thought Cyril.  The day the Valentine’s Day jeans gave them a big surprise.

The End

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  1. I like this. I wasn't expecting the twist. Good job!