Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Sexy Saturday #MSSWeek37 #MySexySaturday

Welcome to the 37th week of My Sexy Saturday.

We all know that the X in sexy is for those kissing our characters give each other. Long, hot, slow kisses meant to melt a characters heart…or those reading about them. Who can even forget the first kiss they read about? No matter who the characters were, it was something etched in your readers mind even today.
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7 lines from Tropical Paradise (unedited)~ Upcoming release from Decadent Publishing

Sky reached for Leo’s hand and held it with fierceness as he placed the note on the bed and leaned in to kiss his lips. A tender peck that held the emotions that had been buried for so many years. Sky caressed Leo’s bottom lip with his tongue and soon found himself holding Leo’s face, deepening the kiss. He asked in silent permission for his tongue to be able to play. He felt Leo turn slightly and place his arms around Sky’s waist leaning into the kiss, granting permission. Soon Sky was sucking on Leo’s tongue bringing the small appendage into his own mouth. Tasting, savoring. 


  1. Love this story...can't wait to see it be published. YUM!

  2. .I always love the tentative kiss that grows into something bigger. So wonderful

  3. This was beautiful Evelise, loved it.