Thursday, February 6, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Journey to Nowhere by Skye Dragen

Forest has been on his own since the world came crashing down months ago. Trusting someone was never on his list of things to-do but finding his sister definitely is. His trip to New Orleans is filled with peril but it’s about to get even more interesting when he meets a new friend and protector on the causeway.

Manny never expected to play bodyguard to a beautiful blond with more than a few submissive tendencies. With demons of his own to battle, it’s been hard fighting off Forest’s as well. However, he hears about a place where they might finally be safe enough to deal with their issues.

Camp Purgatory offers security and a new way of life. However, it is not what is in the brochure that they really have to worry about.

Ms. Dragen’s book Journey to Nowhere ( Welcome to Purgatory) was set in post-apocalyptic world gone to hell. Where the normal rules of society are gone; this Purgatory installment is set at Fort Hood, Texas.

Forest Gaskey, a man just trying to get through life is thrown into a new world where creatures hunt you in the dark and strange new urges cloud his mind as he just tries to survive in a world gone mad. Manual Tharpe, Manny to his friends, a loner even before the world fell apart, who's guilt over the death of a friend pushes him to watch over Forest.

As Manny and Forest travel together to find his sister, they realize they may be just what each other needs to exists in this strange new world. This book made you want to cry and jump for joy. A true roller coaster of emotions. Ms. Dragen does a wonderful job of putting you in the book with the characters, a real page turner.  A great read.

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