Monday, February 3, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Plenty to Give by Lara Valentine

Sadie Stewart has made Plenty, Florida, her home. After a nightmare of a childhood, and the last several years working crappy minimum wage jobs, she’s ready to find some peace and happiness. Taking a job with Meyer Smith and Logan Farraday was a godsend.

Meyer and Logan take one look at Sadie and know she could be the one to complete their family. They’ve been looking for years, but in Sadie they see what’s been missing. She’s skittish and unsure as they start to court her, but failure for these two men isn’t an option.

When Meyer and Logan face an old nemesis, Jean-Luc, things turn personal. He’s evaded them once already, and now he’s managed to gain access to their home and computer files. Upping the ante, Jean-Luc kidnaps Sadie, the only person who can identify him. It’s going to take everyone working together to find her before it’s too late.

Plenty, Florida- where plenty to give takes on a whole new meaning. Plenty of love, plenty of men, plenty of trust- three prevailing themes throughout Lara Valentine’s Plenty to Give.

Meyer and Logan have been together for some time; husbands and partners, they share their lives. But, something was missing; a special female to make their family complete. Sadie, felt unworthy and unloved, wasn’t looking for a permanent relationship, but came full circle when she became involved with Meyer and Logan.

Meyer and Logan were strong-willed, dominant men who knew exactly what they wanted. Each other and Sadie. They were delightfully strong characters that exuded strength and warmth. Their love for each other permeated throughout the story as well as their love for Sadie.

Ms. Valentine created the personality of Sadie as a true woman with issues and insecurities based on reality and not a fictitious dilemma with a fairy tale ending.

The sex between the ménage was well crafted- tender, loving, a slow burn that steamed the e-reader. Grab a glass of wine when reading Plenty to Give, because it’s about to get HOT!

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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