Saturday, March 15, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ A Saint's Salvation by Beverly Ovalle

Corporal Nicholas 'Saint' Santiago needs to go home to reclaim the man he used to be. To be the man he was before Operation Enduring Freedom slowly hardened his heart. He needs to reconnect to the values and the reasons he is doing what he does. Saint also needs to try to forget the courageous woman he knows was meant to be his.

Petty Officer Angelina Jones' life changed the moment Saint saved her life. She survived the blast but now has to deal with the fact that she will never be whole. Knowing Saint received a 'Dear John' letter, Angelina has no intention of being his rebound romance. She needs to be loved for herself. She needs to forget about the one man she knows was meant to be hers.
They each try to find someone to help them forget.

But what does fate have planned for them?

A Saint’s Salvation by Beverly Ovalle was a sweet romance based on need, desire and mutual respect. Nick and Doc were stationed at the same base in Afghanistan. Attraction apparent between the two, circumstances separated them when incoming fire wounded many in their company, including them.

Discharged from the military, lost in his ability to function sans a hostile environment and leery of dating, Nick turned to a military match making service in the hopes of finding a suitable mate.  Brought together in war, Nick and Doc discover themselves on the brink of finding true love if willing to take a chance.

Ms. Ovalle depicted the horrors of war and the notion that good can always outweigh the negative. A short story that moved very quickly from scene to scene, but filled with heartfelt emotion that will leave you smiling.

Sweet~ A little frisky, but nothing to kinky

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