Sunday, April 20, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Healing Hark by Dakota Trace

Can their love survive healing him?
Despite being in a long-term relationship with his Master and lover, Diachi Rai, CEO Bryan Sterling is feeling restless, and it all has to do with his Master’s former submissive. Ever since Harkalone “Hark” Akula entered their home, Bryan’s life has been turned upside down. He’s acting out, standing up to his master – even courting punishment. All because of his need to help Hark.

Diachi is a man of many secrets, and Hark happens to be one of his darkest. As his first submissive, Hark was partially responsible for molding him into the powerful but discerning Dom he’s become. But when he was unable to give Hark what he needed, Diachi let Hark go, rather than share him. Now Hark is back, scarred and darker than Diachi could ever remember him being, and in dire need of a healing touch.

Hark is at the end of his tether. After losing his family: his Dom, their submissive and child along with his home, all he wants is to be left alone, not dropped in his former master’s lap like a child. But now that he’s there, he’s not only tempted by Diachi and Bryan, he’s also being drawn into their world. The question now, is will he be able to stay?

I have been waiting for Dakota Trace to give Hark is own story in her Doms of Chicago series, and this reviewer was NOT disappointed! Healing Hark was a journey of acceptance, discovery and sensuality. Three men, different in personality and demeanor, yet all striving for the same end goal- a loving and honest relationship.

Ms. Trace gave new meaning to the D/s dynamics. Diachi, the strong and powerful dominant was stalwartly and steadfast in his resolve to give Bryan all that was needed to make him happy. Whether happiness became a much sought after spanking or the arms of Dom-switch-sub Hark. Diachi always delivered.

Bryan, on the other hand realized the importance of Harkalone in their lives and family as Hark fell into the depth of despair after losing his family. Only as a trio could the men survive and move forward towards a life of fulfillment.

Healing Hark was a tale of soul reaching as Ms. Trace analyzed the needs of each man and delivered just enough to whet the appetite, allowing the reader to become a part of the story and their lives.

The sex was aptly placed and not disproportionate to the story- but enhanced every nuance. Cohesively writing about two men in a sexual encounter can be taxing, let alone three men in a D/s scene, yet Ms. Trace wrote with clarity, a sound mind and a filled heart. Every stroke of a flogger or spank of a hand left man and/or reader on the verge of orgasm begging for release.

Dakota Trace never fails to draw the reader in and grab you with both arms, a vice that will not release until you are sated and satisfied.

Ladies and gents, grab an extra tall glass of your favorite beverage and a cool rag to wipe your brow, because reading Healing Hark will overheat your libido.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review


  1. Thanks for the wonderful review, Evelise. You just made my day.