Sunday, June 22, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Control by Cardeno C. & Mary Calmes

Vy Aleknos is the leader of a hawk shifter flock. Openly gay since he was a teen, Vy is proud and self-assured on the outside, while secretly worrying he’ll be forced to spend his life alone because two males can’t be mates. When bear shifter Robert Cimino appears in Vy’s small town, Vy realizes his concerns were unfounded — he has a male mate, and a sexy, dominant one to boot.

Robert is a bear shifter who refuses to shift. Immediately attracted to Vy, he deviates from his normal pattern and seeks more than a one off with the powerful, bristly hawk. But Robert’s affections are rooted in his human form, and when Vy discovers Robert doesn't recognize him as his mate, he pulls away. If Robert wants to stay with Vy, he must convince a man deeply ruled by his animal instincts to give their relationship as humans a chance.

Control by Cardeno C. and Mary Calmes was so sweet and romantic, I couldn’t keep the smile off my face.

I loved Vy and Robert. Tender-hearted, loving and fiercely protective described both main characters in this wonderful tale of duty and love.

Vy was the kuar of his ket. A leader at a young age, determined to always put the ket above all else, including himself. Robert, a grizzly bear shifter, who doesn’t shift, raised by humans, was the perfect yang to Vy’s ying.

Cardeno C. and Calmes created a world where shifters and humans rarely intersect, and most species stay unto themselves.

The authors’ characterization of Vy was strength and arrogance, yet with an innate need to be loved and to love. For lack of a better cliché, Robert fit him like a glove.

The larger than life grizzly was a natural nurturer, thanks to the upbringing by his hippy parents. Calm in the face of turmoil and danger, Robert burrowed into Vy’s heart and eventually into the ket, as Vy’s mate.

The sex was steamy, yet not he-man over the top. Sensuality was the key, every time Vy and Robert coupled, whether it was lazing on the couch or steaming up the sheets.

Neither Cardeno C. nor Mary Calmes disappoint me when I read one of their works. Both authors write with compassion and never lose the integrity of their stories.

Control is a must read!

Definite S.E.X
A five handcuff review.

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