Thursday, July 31, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Dark Strangers by A.J. Storm


Tammy Malkov is a beautiful dark haired, sassy, kickass vampire who never follows rules. Her friends are werewolves and humans much to the dismay of the Vampire Council. Derek Adolphus is the alpha male of the shifters and is Tammy's best friend. A dark and brooding dominant, he’s devoted to his pack and Tammy worries he’ll remain alone never finding true love. 

Tammy’s longtime friend Jennifer is a soft spoken, sexy, human with flowing red hair and emerald green eyes. Tammy arranges an impromptu meeting between Jennifer and Derek. She believes they’re meant for each other. 

Ethan Volek is blonde, hot, and a motorcycle riding rebel vampire. The son of the leader of the Council, he’s been sent to spy on the Malcov family. His rebel days are about to change when he set his eyes on a dark haired curvy vampire named Tammy. 

The Malkov and Aldolphus families have had a solid friendship for over a century. That friendship is going to be tested. Will both families survive the conflicts which constantly bombard them? Or will they stand strong working together for a common goal?

Ms. Storm’s book Dark Strangers ( Dark Stranger Series), is the first in a series she is doing and let me say WOW!  Ms. Storm has done an outstanding job for her first book in the series. I look forward to the next book titled Alexander's Story out in October.

Let’s just say the characters in the book were well written and drew you into the story. Derek, Jennifer, Tammy, and Ethan grabbed you while they let you join them on them on their journey. The villain, no spoiler, gives you someone to dislike in the book, while still feeling sorry for them.

If you are into wolves and vampires, this is the book for you or if you just want a good romance with some danger- this book has got you covered.  The story is well written with lots of emotion and the sex is hot as hell. I can't wait for the next one to get here. This one is definitely worth a read.

Sexy and Sizzling
A four and a half handcuff review

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  1. Thank you so much for that wonderful review, Jessie. I too, am excited for you to read my second novel. I promise it will have more adventure and sex than the first.