Wednesday, October 15, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Worth Waiting For by Bea LaRocca

Literary Agent, Marcus Anderson falls in love at first sight when Nick Stevens walks into the office. Unfortunately, he soon learns that Nick is already in a committed relationship. Determined to keep his feelings to himself, Marcus maintains a polite distance, but when he goes to sleep at night, Nick is the leading man in all of his erotic dreams.
Until the night that Marcus runs into Nick in a crowded bar. Now he struggles to keep his passionate feelings to himself in order to be the friend that Nick so desperately needs.

I enjoyed Worth Waiting For and my first introduction to author Bea LaRocca. Marcus and Nick work in the literary world and see each other every day. After a tumultuous breakup and drunkfest, Marcus is afforded the opportunity to be a friend to the heart broken as he helps Nick through an evening of despair.

Marcus has secretly been in love with Nick from the moment he signed on at the literary agency, never acting on his desires since Nick had a significant other. Now that Nick is a free man, Marcus is torn between being a friend or going after the man he wants.

Worth Waiting For delivered sexy men with dominant personalities. Although, at times I found Marcus’ insecurities held him back from going full steam ahead. Having said that, I believe that Ms. LaRocca delivered a well-developed and sexy tale as the two men found their way together, through adversity and obstacles.

Secondary characters added life and I hope to see more of them in subsequent books. Worth Waiting For was worth the time to read~ hunky men, fast cars and sensitivity run amok.

Sexy and Sizzling
A four and a half handcuff review

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