Sunday, November 23, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Jace's Justice by Sydney Presley

Finding yourself isn’t always easy—unless your true mate helps you along the way…

Jace has always felt as though he doesn’t belong, that he’s surplus to requirements, alone and destined to stay that way for the rest of his life. His love for Louie, his true mate, is solid and real, but Louie has never shown Jace that they’re mates, has never given any indication that he wants them to be together. Jace is convinced that fate has got things wrong in pairing them—until a stranger arrives on pack land, throwing everything into chaos.

Louie has lived his whole life keeping his distance from Jace—and his emotions. He loves the man with a passion, but knowing Jace might be taken away from him at any moment means Louie has kept his mouth shut. Jace was found on the side of the road as a cub by their alpha, Sergeant, and Louie has always known that one day Jace’s true family will come back to claim him. To save Jace having to make a painful decision—leave Louie or join his family—Louie remained in the shadows.

But life has a way of changing things, and with the stranger comes knowledge of some terrible things happening on another wolf compound. Things that the Highgate pack feel compelled to fix. The question is, will Jace and Louie mating also change things, or will they remain the same as they’ve always been, forever circling around their love and never admitting it through fear of being hurt?

Jace’s Justice by Sydney Presley told the story of fated mates Jace and Louie determined to traverse life apart, until an unforeseen circumstance brought them to the forefront of their relationship. Orphaned at a very young age and raised by the pack alpha and his male mate, Jace was distant and rebellious. Always with the knowledge that Louie was his fated mate, Jace has kept his detachment, as did Louie.

Jace and Louie finally came together, two virgins taking the slow route to sex, hormones running amok like randy teenagers.

While I generally liked the story, minor inconsistencies throughout left me confused and feeling like an outsider looking in. The first book in the new Highgate Shifters series delivered much information with little back story, requiring me to surmise prior occurrences.

The characters were appealing but I never connected with them, receiving snippets of their lives as opposed to their life story.

My hope is that many of my unanswered questions are dealt with in subsequent books in the series.
Book provided by author in exchange for an honest review

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