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S.E.X. Review~ Gabriella's Prosecution by Skye Michaels

Gabriella Maria Delaveccia, Assistant State’s Attorney, works for the handsome and difficult State’s Attorney, Miguel Gatto, a not-so-typical Latin male with control issues. He keeps a tight hand on every case in the office. Although wildly attracted to Miguel, she has been singed by his macho aura and is afraid of that attraction.

Miguel Juan Carlos Gatto-Alba is a sadist whose roots in Spain go back to the Inquisition. The kinky strain has come down through the Gatto family tree to the present day. As a member of the exclusive and secret Black Iris Club, Miguel has dealt with his ****** kink through the use of BDSM. Miguel has wanted Gabriella from the moment he first saw her.

When Gatto assigns a gang-related murder trial to Gabby to prosecute, he knows he has put her in the dangerous crosshairs of the Los Mara Toros Rojas gang. Miguel finally takes a chance on happiness with Gabriella, but can they deal with the dangerous 

case unfolding around them as well as a dangerous attraction to each other?

Gabriella’s Prosecution, book 3 in The Black Iris Club by Skye Michaels was sexy and sensual. Gabriella and Miguel were a dynamite team both in the legal world and the bedroom.

Miguel came from a long line of Spaniards with the proclivity towards sadism and was the State’s Attorney for the state of Florida. Gabriella was his Assistant State Attorney, who for the past two years had fought her feelings for the hunky Latin.

Finally succumbing to his charm and persistence, Gabriella decided to take the plunge and the rest became heated bliss.

Add in a gang related crime, a criminal trial, and a need to submit and Gabriella’s Prosecution rocked my world.

As a Latina, I appreciated Ms. Michaels’ attention to detail when describing Miguel, his family and his origins. The author created a world which took this reviewer back to her roots. Miguel was stoic and full of passion and strength. Additionally, Gabriella, although a submissive, displayed a lusty appetite rivaling her lover’s demeanor in the court room and the bedroom.

Gabriella’s Prosecution delivered characters with substance, beautifully written dialogue and steamy sex scenes.

Ms. Michaels, Miguel Gatto is my new go-to hunk.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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