Monday, May 18, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ A Ring & A Vow by Devon Rhodes

Currently available in the Semper Fidelis anthology. Single release coming this May.

Every promise must someday be fulfilled, and the best way Owen knows how to reward Cary’s faith is with a vow.

It’s been nearly five years since Owen went down on one knee with his Academy ring and promised Cary he’d someday do it for real. With Cary being a Naval aviator and Owen a Marine officer serving in Iraq, they’re rarely on the same continent, let alone together.

About time for them to fill out paperwork to re-up, Owen realizes that if they were married, they’d have a much better chance of being stationed nearby. But time is not on their side, so he’s forced to compromise on his proposal in order to make it work.

Cary has been waiting for Owen for years—there was no chance he’d ever say anything but yes. Owen is coming home at last, and wants to make a home with him. However, between the chronic nightmares he’s been fighting and the ever more complicated wedding plans, the next month could be anything but a dream.

Publisher's Note: This book is the sequel to A Ring and a Promise. This was originally published in the Semper Fidelis anthology.

A Ring & A Vow was a wonderful follow-up to Devon Rhodes’~ A Ring & A Promise. I love the dynamics of Cary and Owen’s relationship. They were a loving couple with the ups and downs of military life and all the trappings.

Ms. Rhodes gave both men life in her characterization of their personal struggles in an institution where DADT was a guiding force for the gay military couple of A Ring & A Promise—to the repeal and nuptials of A Ring & A Vow.

The acceptance of their family and friends lent credence to open-mindedness of the majority rather than the minority which made this story all the more appealing.

My only drawback…Ms. Rhodes…I need more please!
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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