Thursday, June 18, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ Heart's Volition by Frey Ortega

Micah Faraday is an incubus with a rough past, one that includes being held captive by not one, but two psychotic madmen, and having a rough time acclimating to believing he’s worth being loved, let alone being a person. Surviving day by day isn’t really living it, and one day Micah made the decision to die. Of course, until he makes the mistake of binding himself to the phoenix named Erik Anderson.

Erik is exactly what Micah needs but doesn’t think he wants: grounded, stable, reliable, and he doesn’t know when to give up. He seeks to understand Micah and to help him through his pain, but he also has to contend with a world he’s not familiar with.

In the midst of all of the chaos that surrounds them, Micah and Erik go on a journey of learning to trust and understanding that some of the worst choices we’ve made end up being the best ones after all.

I looked forward to Micah’s story in Heart’s Volition and was not disappointed. Frey Ortega delivered a sensual undertaking, exploring the newly bound couple—Micah and Erik—while giving us a dynamic, fast-paced story.

Micah felt himself unworthy of love and life and lucky for him; he decided to bind himself to Erik, thus not only saving Erik’s life but his own.

Erik was a rock and steadfast in his care and love for the smaller cubi. His southern charm and personality radiated through every nuance and his character screamed protector.

Micah’s will to finally live a fulfilling life was in part to his own volition and the loving guidance of his bound mate.

A series that surely should not be missed, Frey Ortega has created a world of mystery, angst and a healthy dose of loving friendships. The recurring characters from past books always bring wit and humor to the stories while cementing what true family is. A must read.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

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