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Celebrate Freedom~ Live, Love, Read~ Freedom Hop

Let’s Celebrate~ The freedom to Live, Love, and Read!
Enjoy this steamy excerpt from my current WIP, Diablo’s Freedom and Diablo and Kristoph’s freedom to love…

Excerpt~ Rated R
Kristoph pressed his ass down into the strong hands held by the arms which whisked him away from the kitchen and towards the bedroom—the one with the California sleigh?

The tall, beautiful vampire was his mate, and Kristoph’s desire to mate with the man flowed strong in his blood stream. If he had been in his shifter form, his coquí would have sung his mating-song, ko-keee.

Diablo never relinquished his lips as they stormed the staircase. Finally coming to a halt, Kristoph eased off Diablo’s mouth, breathing hard, he couldn’t believe the vampire hadn’t even broken a sweat. Kristoph may not be the largest guy but at one fifty, he was no light weight.

He reached for his kiss-swollen lips, touching them and smiled at Diablo.

“This is it, huh?” Not the time to get all shy.

“If you’re sure? Then yes, I want to fuck you through the mattress and mate you.” Kristoph nodded to assuage the hesitation in Diablo’s voice.

Apparently, that was all the motivation Diablo needed if the double bounce on the bed when he was tossed was any indication to the vampire’s delight.

From the center of the bed, Kristoph watched Diablo reveal inch after inch of corded muscles and pale skin—mesmerized by the sheer beauty of his mate. Drawn to the tattoo above the man’s heart, Kristoph yearned to lick every inch of it before he suckled the rosy nip surrounded by dark brown disc.

His throat constricted and his heart began to race the Indy 500 when he gazed upon the largest cock ever. Diablo was hung like one of the Andalusian’s he bred. Kristoph clenched his ass cheeks thinking about those nine inches reaming into him. If the length alone didn’t put a tad bit of fear into him, the girth did, too. He’d surely struggle to accommodate the cock, but oh, how he was up for the challenge.

Precum pooled at the purple tip, and Kristoph smacked his lips in anticipation of his first taste.

“See something you like, cariño?” Kristoph vigorously shook his head as Diablo stalked toward the bed.

“One of us is a tad bit overdressed.” Kristoph sat transfixed at the beacon—Diablo’s dick—that led the way to the bed. Brought out of his trance, Kristoph found himself yanked to the foot of the bed by his ankles. A sharp claw protruded from Diablo’s finger and swept up one side of his khakis and down the other, underwear included. Ripped off and naked from the waist down, Kristoph suddenly felt very vulnerable.


“I’m sorry, cariño, but I couldn’t wait any longer. I promise to replace the pants.” The bed dipped, Diablo’s body surrounding his as he crab-crawled to the head of the bed.

“Shirt, please, unless you want to lose that, too.” Kristoph whipped the polo over his head and unceremoniously tossed it on the floor. Naked, his tan skin was a contrast to his pale lover.

“Beautiful.” Kristoph smiled at Diablo’s compliment.

Kristoph’s fleshed goose bumped at Diablo’s wicked tongue grazed across each nipple and down his sternum to his belly button. An unmanly giggle escaped as Diablo’s tongue dipped into his belly button and swirled. Oh, to have that wicked tongue on his cock.

He was soon pleasantly surprised when Diablo lapped at the precum pooled on the tip of his dick.

“Oh fuck, Diablo. Please, Sir.” The honorific slipped from his lips so easily. To have a master as special and sexy as Diablo made his heart soar.

Kristoph wanted to scream the slower Diablo licked him, suckling his balls and then dipping his tongue into the slit of his bulbous head. He scrunched his eyes shut and tightly grasped the sheets. Movement made him open his eyes and he peered up, face to face with Diablo’s green eyes.

“Let’s take the edge off, or I can guarantee once I get into your tight ass, I won’t last long.” Kristoph shuddered, the feel of his mate’s body aligned next to his, combining their sweat and masculinity. Moving to his side, he lined his cock next to Diablo’s, the vampire’s large callused hand wrapped around both their dicks. The precum which oozed from the two slits eased the way for the man to stroke them easily—up and down, twisting the knobs ever so slightly, catching more of the drippings.

Kristoph panted, his breathe ragged and mouth agape, moans of pleasure emanated from him as the hunky vampire brought them close to completion.

Timing the movement of his hips with the slide of Diablo’s hand, his cock skimmed along the velvety steel of Diablo’s dick.

“Close, Diablo, so close.” As if the man knew just what he needed, Diablo’s pinky pressed into his slit creating a volcanic eruption of cum. The vampire continued to milk both of them, Diablo’s orgasm seconds behind. Their combined scents and spent seed covered their bellies. Diablo’s rhythmic circling of their cum on Kristoph’s stomach brought forth a faint smile and chuckle.

“That was…nice.” Kristoph turned his head into the crook of Diablo’s neck and kissed him lightly. “I don’t think I’ve ever come so hard.” He felt safe in the strong sinewy arms wrapped around him like a protective covering.

“You know I do need pants though before we go downstairs to eat.”

Diablo Rivera runs the C & L Ranch, passed down through his family for centuries; the Rivera’s settled along the coast of Virginia to breed horses for the king of Spain. Diablo loves the ranch, his horses and the men he works with. He also has certain proclivities which the C & L Ranch caters to. Diablo is a Dominant. Diablo is also a vampire, one hundred and fifty years old and desperately desires a mate and permanent sub.
Kristoph Karlisle is a recent graduate from University of Pennsylvania Veterinary School and wants to work in the south preferably on a ranch, in the warmth. As a coquí shifter, the heat of the south better suits his needs. Upon graduating, Kristoph discovers the advertisement for Vet Needed at a Virginia ranch. Specializing in shifter medicine, Kristoph jumps at the chance to leave the winters of PA and head to a shifter-run ranch.
From the moment Diablo spoke to Kristoph over the phone he sensed something about the young man. A niggling in the back of his mind had him offering a trial run on the ranch. After searching for many years, Diablo believes he’s met his mate, albeit over the phone, but soon he’d meet the man in person and know for sure.
Diablo’s concern~ not the fact that they are a shifter-run ranch. Shifters exist, govern themselves and have cooperation with the governments of the world. What concerns Diablo is his lifestyle, a Dom in the world of BDSM and a ranch that takes hog tying to a new level. He can only hope his mate is as open-minded as the residents of the C & L Ranch.

In honor of the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling~ The Freedom to Marry~ I am giving one lucky reader their choice of books from my backlist and a $5 Amazon GC.
What's your freedom? Leave a comment and your email addy for a chance to win.
Contest runs from July 2-5th. Winner will be chosen July 6.

Remember to keep hoppin' 

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  1. My freedom is to attend my daughter's wedding to her partner.
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  2. My freedom to me is that I get to do what I want - when I want and to LOVE who I want.

  3. What a great idea and what a fun blog hop :)

    My freedom is that i can be who i am :)


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  5. To choose whoever I want to be.
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  6. Freedom to be what I want to be and do what I want to do, thanks for the chance!

  7. My freedom is to be what i am and make choices. The freedom to choice, have so many choices. I can wear what i want, read books, picking out art, decorating to my taste, etc. So many things to choose and i love it! Thank you!

  8. Thank you all for stopping by~ A winner has been chosen. Congratulations Debby!