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Moaning Mondays~ Cree Storm~ The Magical Mating

Welcome Cree Storm to Moaning Mondays~ Today we get a jump start on Cree's upcoming release The Magical Mating~

Ira discovers his mates have had a spell cast on them by a madman bent on destroying CAPULET. This spell not only prevents them from recognizing him as their mate, but also threatens their lives. 

Nathan and Cain don't understand the feelings running through them every time they look at Ira.  Nathan's guilt causes him to lash out at the man every chance he gets and Cain just ignores Ira in fear he will betray his mating even more than he already has. Traipsing through the forests of the magic lands, Ira, Nathan, and Cain must work together to find this cure and obtain the log book needed by the Alphas of CAPULET.

Can Ira find the cure to the spell placed on his mates before it kills them? Will the three men ever find the log book they need to take back to their home? Or will Elder Roy beat them to it and take the cure with him?


Cain’s eyebrow rose as he walked up behind Ira and asked, “Were you planning a trip without us?”

Lika began to back up to the door as he said, “I think I hear my king calling me.”

Ira watched as Lika left him alone with his two mates. For the life of him, Ira had no idea why they were even in his room and he wasn’t exactly sure he wanted to know.

“Ira, you didn’t answer Cain. Were you planning a trip without us?” Nathan growled out as he walked in front of Ira.

Ira looked behind him and then back at Nathan. Their scent was confusing Ira. He could swear he was scenting lust, but that couldn’t be right. “I–I was g–going to go and loo–look for the Alphas.”

Cain placed his hand on Ira’s forearm and began to lightly caress Ira as he said, “And you were planning on going without us?”

Ira swallowed and went to move forward, but Nathan was not moving and Ira and Nathan’s dicks rubbed together, and they were both very hard.

“Wh–What’s going on?” Ira whispered as he closed his eyes, trying to get his need under control.

Cain kissed on Ira’s neck as he whispered, “You were going to leave without your mates? How is that even right?”

Ira gasped as Nathan grasped Ira’s hips and rubbed his hard shaft once again with Ira’s as he said, “It is no more right than keeping the fact that we are mates from us to begin with, Cain.”

Cain pushed into Ira’s back and Ira could feel that Cain was just as hard as Nathan and he were. Cain then asked in a hushed tone, “Why didn’t you tell us, Ira?”

“Nathan said—” Ira began.

Nathan interrupted. “I said what I felt I should because of the guilt I felt for my attraction to you.”

Ira’s shocked eyes met Nathan’s intense ones as Nathan said, “Don’t looked so surprised, Ira. I not only find you gorgeous but you are also smart, selfless, and loyal.”

“Any man would be lucky to have you as their mate, we just happen to be the lucky ones,” Cain said as he rubbed himself against Ira’s firm cheeks.

“You want me as your mate?” Ira gasped.

Nathan was just a bit shorter than Ira, but it didn’t stop him from taking Ira’s lips against his own. The kiss was soft but the intent behind it was clear.

Cain groaned as his dick hardened even more and he ground out, “That is so fucking hot.”

Nathan pulled back and then turned Ira around to face Cain as he said, “Cain, you have to taste our mate.”

Ira was shocked to hear Nathan call him his mate.

Cain smiled seductively as he undid Ira’s pants and dropped to his knees. “Oh I plan on tasting our mate alright.”

The whimper that came out of Ira was loud, but not near as loud as when Cain lightly licked the tip of Ira’s shaft.

Watching as the pre-cum stretched long and coated the tip of Cain’s tongue, Ira felt his breathing begin to increase.

Nathan stepped back and Ira turned his head to see the man taking his shirt off and unfastening his pants.

 Ira grasped Cain’s hair in a firm grip as the man pushed his head down and slid Ira’s cock further into his mouth.

Throwing his head back, Ira moaned, “Oh by the Gods!”

Nathan came back to Ira and grasped Ira’s shirt. “He is very good at sucking cock.”
Lifting his arm, long enough so Nathan could bring his shirt over his head, Ira could only mumble, “Uh-huh.”

Nathan finished removing his shirt as he started to say, “Just wait until…”

“Son of a bitch!” Ira yelled as Cain swallowed Ira all the way to the back of his throat.
Nathan laughed. “Yep, our mate does know how to give head.”

Cain pulled off and Ira moaned his protest.

“Just getting us all more comfortable, babe,” Cain said as he removed his clothing quickly and Nathan helped Ira remove the rest of his.

Ira was in a bit of a daze. He couldn’t believe this was happening. He kept wanting to pinch himself just for the reassurance that all of this was real, but then he felt the sting on his nipple and gasped.

“Like that do you?” Nathan said as he pinched Ira’s nipples once more.

Nodding rapidly, Ira would have answered had Cain not taken that moment to pull him closer to the bed Cain now sat on.

Cain’s face was in line with Ira’s hard, jutting staff as Cain grasped Ira by the hips and pulled him forward.

Cain opened his mouth as he lightly gripped Ira’s cock and swallowed Ira whole as he gently rolled Ira’s now very tight balls in the other hand.

“Oh that is a beautiful sight,” Nathan murmured as he gently pushed Ira forward so that Cain was lying on his back and Ira was on top of him, bracing himself with his arms.

Ira heard the snick of a lid and was about to ask what was happening when he felt Nathan’s lubed up finger tracing his hole and then the man leaned over and whispered, 

“Can I have my mate? Can I have the pleasure of feeling your warm ass clamping my cock and massaging me into completeness?”

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