Saturday, October 10, 2015

Seductive Studs #SedStuds

Welcome to the Seductive Studs bloghop, a weekly bloghop for authors, readers, and bloggers of M/M Romance.
If you are an author, reader, or blogger of/about M/M romance, this is the bloghop for you.

Enjoy a brief snippet from my current WIP~ Kristoph's Freedom~

¡QuĂ© mielda! Diablo couldn’t believe his ears. His vampiric hearing never betrayed him. How could it be? One phone call and his life could be changed forever. Hiring a vet would be fantastic, but the fact the vet turned out to be his life mate was overwhelming. Unlike most shifters who solely scented their mates, vampires were different―their mates voice called to them, much like the siren call, as well as scent. Luckily, for vampires, they didn’t need to be in physical proximity to know their mate, just hear the voice. He’d say it again― what the fuck. Diablo longed for a mate and permanent submissive, the one which fate chose to compliment his soul and heart. Dr. Kristoph Karlisle.

Remember to keep hoppin'

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