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S.E.X. Spotlight~ Menage at the Mode Boutique by Bella Settarra

‘Ménage at the Mode Boutique’
‘The Men of Moone Mountain’ Book 4
By Bella Settarra

They stole her heart—but is that all they took?
Melinda Samson has never been happier since ditching her arrogant boyfriend, Trey Beniton, who had been trying to muscle-in on her business. Her shop, ‘Mode in Moone’, known to the locals simply as ‘The Mode’ is now thriving.
When two gorgeous cowboys come to Moone County she can’t believe her luck, especially as their great looks are matched by their manner and personalities.
Brodie McGlynn and Callum ‘Cal’ Kennedy were forced to leave their previous town when it became clear that they were bi-sexual. Having found work on Moone Mountain they are settling in nicely, relieved that their new bosses, Kent Freeman and Travis Beaumont, share their sexual preferences.
But when it transpires that there’s more keeping the guys running than their mere sexuality the whole town is put in danger.
Can Melinda really trust these guys – especially when money stolen from her safe is found in Cal’s belongings?

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“So, what brings you here, guys?” Melinda felt something inside her melt as she relished having both gorgeous cowboys to herself again.
“Well, now. We just started working up at the Freemont Ranch and the guys there said there was a BDSM club down here,” Cal replied.
“Yeah, that’ll be Ty’s. It’s just down the street there.” She pointed in the vague direction.
“Great. Well apparently there’s some sort of event going on there on Saturday and we’d like to go. Thing is, we both need new leathers. We were told to come down to The Mode and get fixed up.” Cal grinned.
“Think you can help us out with that, ma’am?” Brodie’s voice was a low growl and his brown eyes seemed to get even darker as he smiled at her.
She felt something burn inside her and took a deep breath before nodding slowly. “You’ve come to the right place, gentlemen.” She led them over to the male side of the shop and quickly sifted through the trousers.
“I’ve got these in black or these which are in black or brown?” She held up a couple of pairs of close-fitting leather pants, her imagination running into overdrive as she envisaged them both wearing the garments.
“They look real nice.” Brodie took the brown pair from her, his fingers grazing over hers as he did so.
“What size do you need?” She swallowed hard as she studied his body, gauging which ones to get for him.
Brodie cocked a quizzical eyebrow at her. “I’m not entirely sure.” His voice was growling again.
“I’ll fetch my tape measure,” she offered, her mouth suddenly going quite dry.
“That’s real helpful of you, ma’am.”
She could feel them watching her as she walked back over to the counter, her red high-heels clopping across the wooden parquet floor. She was wearing a black pencil-skirt with a red silk blouse which had a ruffle edging the deep ‘V’ neck. As usual, her lipstick was bright red and her make-up immaculate. Melinda was very careful with her look; she tried to look professional but not tarty, though the occasional salacious expressions of some of her male customers made her question whether she always managed to pull it off or not.
She turned back to the two men who were examining the leathers on the rail.
“They seem pretty strong to me,” Brodie was muttering, pulling at the material.
“They’d better be, Bro. ‘Cause if you go upsetting any more women I’ll…”
Cal stopped just as Melinda got closer.
She took a deep breath, determined not to let her nerves get the better of her. She had been in this profession for enough years to be able to take a man’s inside leg measurement without blushing, for heaven’s sake.
“Who’s first?” She held up the hard, metal tip of her tape and watched them both wince as they got her message loud and clear – don’t mess with me!
“I think I can remember my size, thanks, ma’am. Brodie’s the one with the memory lapse.” Cal took a step back, grinning.
“Are you happy to do this here? Only I don’t think we’d both fit inside a changing cubicle?” She stared up into his handsome face and noticed how his eyes twinkled. Both men were really broad and muscular, just how she liked them.
“Out here’s fine by me – though, perhaps over by that mirror so I can get a better idea of the length,” Brodie suggested.
Melinda sighed. She hadn’t been born yesterday! By having him face the mirror she knew it meant he would get a good view of her ass as she bent down in front of him. She had to give him credit for his brains, though, and decided it might not be all that bad to have the handsome cowboy admire her behind. She always kept in shape and was actually quite proud of her body. Besides, if they were planning to be at Ty’s on Saturday night they were going to see a hell of a lot more than just the outline of her ass in a knee-length skirt – she would make sure of that!
She didn’t need to ask which side he dressed, as his massive bulge told her that right away. As she placed the tape measure in his inner thigh she couldn’t avoid feeling his heat as the outline of his huge cock grazed against the back of her hand. It took all her efforts to stop her fingers from trembling as she felt the length of the cowboy’s inner leg, and as she knelt at his feet staring at his boots she couldn’t help feeling that this was ‘right’ somehow. She looked up at him and gasped. His handsome face was looking down at her with the most serene expression. He seemed quite at home to have her kneeling at his feet. Melinda wondered just how many other women had been in her position and the idea irked her somewhat.
“Is it long enough, Sir?” she asked as a lump settled in her throat.
“Why don’t you tell me, baby? Does it look long enough to you?” He was growling again and she felt her stomach burn.
She nodded slowly, still gazing up at him.  “Yes, Sir. I think it’s just the right length.”

About the Author
Bella’s love of writing started at a very young age.  While at Junior School, she was once asked to write a story that was to be displayed on the window due to lack of wall space (remember Portakabins?)  Unfortunately, once she gets going she tends to run with an idea right up until the conclusion – and it has to have a happy ending!  The story was so long it covered several windows and caused a blackout in the tiny classroom!

She is British and lives in the beautiful English countryside with one of her three gorgeous daughters and her wonderful husband, often referred to as her “current husband” just to keep him on his toes! 
They live in a big haunted house therefore Bella’s housework is never done as the ghost keeps moving things around - the bedroom isn’t the only place where things go bump in the night ;)
Open top cars and country music are among Bella’s favourite things and her fondness of shopping is only surpassed by her love of Châteauneuf-du-pape.

Bella would love to hear from her readers.  Connect with her at:

2015 ©Evelise Archer All rights reserved. This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, locations, and incidents are products of the author’s imagination, or have been used fictionally. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, locales, or events is entirely coincidental. No portion of this work may be transmitted or reproduced in any form, or by any means, without permission in writing from the author.

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