Friday, June 17, 2016

S.E.X. Review~ The Runaway Gypsy Boy by Brina Brady

Twenty-year-old Daniel Serban loses his dancing job and threats of being outed to his family force him to flee Limerick, Ireland. Daniel fears his father and the other gypsy men will force him to marry his betrothed, or bring bodily harm to him for being gay. As chance would have it, he ends up in Cleary’s Pub, a gay leather bar in Galway where he meets the grouchy, ginger-bear Ronan O’Riley. Daniel had no idea how much meeting the Dom would transform his life. Ronan O’Riley has been unable to move on since the death of his sub a year ago, that is until a troubled gypsy boy steps into Cleary’s. Ronan’s lonely existence is about to change. Can Ronan convince Daniel to trust him or will Daniel’s fears of his past ruin any chance of a relationship? Unexpected heated attraction in the barn ignites their relationship to move forward. Though the two men have many of the same dreams, Daniel’s secrets and Ronan’s need to gain Daniel’s trust are just a few of the many challenges they must overcome if they are to be together.

The Runaway Gypsy Boy, the start of Brina Brady's new series, Irish Runaway was a nice story with a BDSM element.

Ronan, a Dom without a submissive was thrilled when he saw Daniel walk through the local bar and into his life. Daniel had recently run away from his gypsy family~ a family who doesn't know he's gay nor works nights as a stripper. 

Daniel has always been interested in the lifestyle but knows little to nothing about it. He's determined to make Ronan train him and be his Dom.

A series of mishaps and tragedies befell the two men as they traversed their journey together. Adding in the mix of both families and some friends and the story was busy bringing forth elements I could already see coming out in future books.

Although the book was enjoyable I never connected with either character. I found Daniel excessively needy and not because of the abuse he suffered, but his constant need to force Ronan to collar him and forget his previous sub. Furthermore, I did not find Ronan likeable. For a man who professed to be a dominant and provided a safe place for his sub, I found him a tad bit rude and mean. 

The story was well written and Ms. Brady’s development was sound, but these two particular men were not for this reader.
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  1. Thank you for reading my book. I'm sorry you didn't connect with them.

  2. Sometimes that happens but I enjoyed the book. And I look forward to see who the next book is about...and read it

  3. Yes, it does. I know I love books that many people don't. I'm going to be writing about Master Cleary, Kevin, and Jack in book 2. I liked the review. It gives me information in areas I need to improve on. Thank you.

  4. Oh, I was hoping Master Cleary and the cousins were next... Kevin and Jack are going to prove to be a handful.

  5. This will be my first time writing a series where I will change mcs. Also this is my first time writing a threesome. Those two are a handful.