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S.E.X. Review~ Courting the Phoenix by Storm and Walsh

Gavin Ryder, an owl shifter, is not only an ADA for the human justice system, he is also the head counsel for The Paranormal Council. He is called in to prosecute Avery Madison and his father Carver Jinx for crimes against the paranormals of Crystal, Colorado. Although Ryder is used to threats in his line of work, he never thought that his life would be endangered twice in under forty-eight hours. First, someone tries to actually kill him by forcing him off a mountain road, second, by placing a bomb in his car. Thank the Gods for Detective Paul Malone, his mate. 

Paul is a phoenix shifter who has worked as a detective for Crystal for many years, but he is not used to working with others besides his long-time friend Angelo. So when his Captain informs him that the prosecuting attorney will be joining him to uncover more evidence in both Avery and Jinx’s cases, Pauly is not too thrilled. 

While taking a flight in his phoenix form to let his beast out, Pauly watches in horror as a truck tries to force a small car off the road and over a cliff. Pauly dives down to see what he can do to help, where he witnesses the driver shift into an owl. Pauly quickly jumps in to rescue the shifter and is not only shocked, but happy to find that the man is his mate. But someone is out to kill Ryder. 

The two must work together to save Ryder, and find the evidence needed to put Avery and Jinx away for a long time. But what they don’t know is the true depth of the evil that surrounds them and to what length that force will go to stop Ryder and Pauly from finding the truth. 

Ryder and Paul are fated mates in Courting the Phoenix written by the team of Cree Storm and Maggie Walsh. The Eternal Flame series continued in Crystal City with the clutch and phoenix still trying to solve the murder mystery from the previous books and keep everyone safe.

Ryder and Paul were likeable characters and fiercely protective of each other. The owl and dragon shifter worked together to free one young man, while searching for evidence to put two others away. 

Storm and Walsh further developed the story of Jett and Zev, yet we still don't know why Zev renounced they are mates. 

The series is worth the read. The men are likeable and the storyline is good. Courting the Phoenix delivered an HEA for Ryder and a Paul but left us hanging on other fronts.
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