Friday, November 11, 2016

S.E.X. Spotlight & Scavenger Hunt~ Thanksgiving in Napa~ Dakota Trace

Hi all! I’d first like to thank Ms. Evelise for allowing me to take over her blog for the day. Thanksgiving is around the corner and I don’t know about you but I’m getting excited to make my favorite dishes for my family.  In fact  I promised Alyce, the heroine of Benevolent Master, that I would make  my family recipe for pumpkin pie, for her and her daughter - and to share with the new man in her life, if she chooses.  *shrugs*  We’re talking homemade pumpkin pie piled high with whipped cream...

“You’re not making that confounded pie again, slave!  I want my fudge! You promised!”  

*groans*  Excuse me, while I go and deal with my whip wielding, dominatrix of a muse, Livvy. She just loves to making my life a living….well, difficult if you get the picture.  *sigh*  I keep telling her I will make her some peanut butter fudge when Christmas gets closer, and that Thanksgiving is for pumpkin pie…just ask my sister.  LOL  

“We'll, see about that!”  *clanking noises*

I wonder if I should be worried about that.  *huge crash*  Yep. I better go see what mischief Livvy is getting into now.  *grumbles about muses that need to be spanked*

“If anyone gets spanked here, it’s you, slave.”  *whips her flogger around while holding a bulging plastic sack of items*

An uneasy feeling fills me. Umm, exactly what are you doing?  

*grins evilly*  “Can’t make pie without these things.”  

*prays for patience*  Please give them back, Livvy.  

*shakes head and dances out of reach*  “Nope not until you make me my fudge!”  

*Hold up hands*  Come on, Livvy, don’t do this!  Alyce is counting on me to make that pie for her.

*laughs*  “No fudge, no pie.  I’m sure the readers will agree that Peanut butter  fudge is ten times better than pie and see my way of things..”

Not if I bribe them with a really cool prize.  *turns to readers*  What  do you say?  Want to help me round up my missing things from my ornery muse?  Those who help will be entered to  win a really cool basket  of goodies.

*stomps foot*  “They don't  want none of your damned swag, slave!!!”

I bet they will when they find out that I’ll throw in signed print copies of all three Doms of Napa books, along with that Flogger I just finished making….

*eyes widened, then narrow*  “That’s not fair! I told you I wanted it!”  

Too bad!  If you can hold my stuff hostage I can give away the flogger.

“You wouldn’t!”

Care to try me?  *lunges for the sack*

*RIPPP!*  Items spill all over floor.

“Bad slave!”  *drops to knees to gather up items*   “For that I’m giving them all away!”    *stomps away*

*reluctant grin*  Guess you know what that means?  Looks like we’re on a scavenger hunt - again!  When will that muse of mine learn? Readers love a good scavenger hunt and -.  *trips and nearly falls on face*   WHOA!   
Well it looks like we got a head start… *grins and holds up rolling pin*   here’s your first item. 

 Just enter it in the rafflecopter thingy below for your chance to win. I’ll announce the winner on my  author FB page on 19th, after we gather up all the items on list.   Tomorrow’s stop will be at the lovely T.L Reeve’s blog.   
Also before I forget, Benevolent Master is on sale during the preorder period.  Get  the third book of the Doms of Napa Valley, for $2.99, now because it will go back up to 4.99 on 19th!

See ya tomorrow!

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