Sunday, December 16, 2018

S.E.X. Ghost Train by LM Somerton

The ride of your life could be your last.
Garth’s summer job running the ghost train at the local amusement park is supposed to be a stress-free way to earn some much-needed cash. His Goth looks are a bonus as far as his boss is concerned. The sunshine is a stark contrast to the macabre, spooky scenes inside the ride, but when one of the corpses proves to be more realistic than it should be, shadows are cast on the summer.
Clem sees potential in the moody fairground assistant with spiky hair and pretty blue eyes. He can’t wait to explore Garth’s submissive nature. But Clem isn’t quite what he seems and he might be all that stands between Garth and a violent death. Earning Garth’s trust won’t be easy in a world where secrets can mean survival.

Ghost Train by LM Somerton was a short and interesting read. Revolving around a carnival, Garth and Clem, following unforeseen circumstances very quickly became attached at the hip. Besides attempting to find a killer, Garth and Clem were in the lifestyle which worked perfectly for both of them. Garth, a submissive desired a dominant with a firm hand, and Clem turned out to be just that man.

The storyline moved too quickly for this reader. Within an hour of meeting, Clem staked his claim on Garth, and although this is not unheard of in many books I’ve read, I found Clem pushy, condescending, and downright trivial. On the other hand, Garth appeared so desperate for a keeper, his submissive nature borderlined as weak.

The book ended abruptly with no resolution- or the book was incomplete- regardless, the ending was less than satisfactory.

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