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S.E.X. Review~ Trusting Jack by Ruby Moone

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Length: 45,000 words approx.

Cover Design: Meredith Russell


With only a few days to go until Christmas, Michael Cross has to admit there is something amiss about his latest employee, Jack Whelan. Quiet, jumpy, thin… he never seems to eat. He is also incredibly gorgeous with dark spiky hair that Michael aches to touch. But as his boss, Jack is off limits. And when it comes to relationships, he…well, he sucks.

Jack Whelan is at the end of his tether. He’s living rough in the middle of winter, and paying off a massive debt, so getting a job with MC Securities is a lifeline. His new boss is also the hottest guy ever. Geeky, broody, and scarily clever.

When Michael stumbles upon the reality of Jack’s life, he offers to help. But as Michael’s feelings deepen, and Jack’s terrible past catches up with him, Michael has to decide between believing in the awful truth that is staring him in the face, or trusting Jack.

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My name is Ruby Moone and I love books. All kinds of books. My weakness is for romance, and that can be any kind, but I am particularly fond of historical and paranormal. I decided to write gay romance after reading some fantastic books and falling in love with the genre, so am really thrilled to have my work published here. The day job takes up a lot of my time, but every other spare moment finds me writing or reading. I live in the north west of England with my husband who thinks that I live in two worlds. The real world and in the world in my head...he probably has a point!

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Ruby Moone has delighted us with a lovely Christmas read, Trusting Jack, the first in her series MC Security. Orphaned at a young age, Jack bounced from foster family to foster family until he reached maturity and was on his own. Living on and off with his foster brother, Jack tried his best to keep himself afloat until tragedy struck and things went south. Michael Cross owned a cyber security company, in which his quiet employee kept his head down and stayed off the radar. Unfortunately, the radar was not that dull and a Michael soon confronted Jack concerning an office issue, placing their lives in a collision course.

I adored both men in the book. Ms. Moone delivered a tangible and realistic friendship which blossomed into love. Both men needed to learn to trust again, and together they forged ahead through the murky waters and came out better on the other side. Jack’s sweet nature, Michael’s gruffer personality- all converged into a lovely holiday tale.

Ms. Moone hinted to the possibility of the next book in the series, and I hope the premise will be as good as I anticipated. Drama and angst ran through Trusting Jack, giving the tale an underlying edge. 

I enjoyed Trusting Jack and I look forward to reading the next in the series, trusting  I will enjoy it just as much.

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