Tuesday, September 3, 2019

S.E.X. Review~ In the Name of the Father by Morticia Knight

I was living a lie. I couldn’t be caught in my deception, or my family and friends would abandon me. But my fears became reality and I was cast away as if I were garbage. Then this man, a stranger, took me home and showed me that love can take on many forms, that I’m not filled with sin or doomed to go to hell because I’m gay. He showed me that I’m not broken. I don’t need to be fixed. What I need is to be nurtured and cared for.

This man showed me that it’s okay to be his boy and to call him Daddy…

Seth was a good Christian son raised in a very conservative church. 

He learned early on that the world is evil and filled with sinners—but the most horrible thing you can be is gay. When his shame is discovered, he’s shipped off to a special camp that fixes deviants like him. Years have passed since then, yet he still runs from himself every day.

Malcolm was a good Daddy for almost ten years before his boy died.

No longer daring to be too close with another man again, he’s avoided clubs and old friends that remind him of a life filled with a joy he can no longer have. Unable to find a purpose in his lonely existence, he spends night after night in a dive bar at the edge of town. However, witnessing a scared young man being harassed by two bullies jolts him out of his misery.

No one messes with someone vulnerable and helpless on his watch… 

Note: In the Name of the Father is a full-length novel with angst and a slow burn romance between an older daddy and younger boy. You can expect lots of hurt/comfort, a daddy with some kinky tricks up his sleeve and a sweet HEA.

Possible triggers: Extreme past abuse involving both physical and emotional trauma.

If you enjoyed Daddy kink with a loving boy, In the Name of the Father by Morticia Knight is the book for you. Malcolm was a Daddy dom, who had previously lost his boy, tragically taken by cancer. Alone and sure he would never find love again, Malcolm was astounded when a chance encounter with a lost young man crossed his path.

Seth was raised in an ultra-conservative and religious house, but escaped his lot in life and forged towards a new life. His first meeting with Malcolm would change his life forever.

I knew the theme of Ms. Knight’s book was a daddy dom and although this was not particularly a favorite of mine, as a total fan girl of M.K. I knew I had to read this. Personal choice, but I have a hard time hearing a grown man call another daddy. I completely understand the power exchange between the two men and the need for one to nurture the other, but…..shivers run down my spine.

But, as always, Ms. Knight delivered a well- crafted book which took me out of myself and through an enjoyable read. I appreciated the external dilemmas and nuances which gave credence to the turmoil and suffering Seth encountered. The author did not gloss over the circumstances but challenged them head on and offered real world solutions. The sad part, I’m sure there are still people in this day and age who think like Seth’s conservative family.

I look forward to reading more of Malcolm and Seth’s story  in future books. Kudos to Ms. Knight for sucking me in and making me enjoy a story which I had reservations about reading, and now you make me wait for book two.

In the Name of the Father will take you through a story of growth and acceptance. Of friendship and love. Of a nurturing relationship in which  consensual and safe were the key, and paramount to the development of the main characters relationship.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review 


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