Monday, May 17, 2021

S.E.X. Review~ Love of the Hunter by V. L. Locey

* A retelling of the myth of Orion*

Will the night skies be forever changed?

Those upon Earth would assume the life of a Greek god is a walk through Elysium. They would be terribly wrong. Apollo, the golden son of Zeus, is far from home, banished from Olympus to live and train with the Titan, Helios. To compound his misery, Apollo is still mourning the loss of his first love, Hyacinthus. Life becomes a daily routine of shame, drudgery, and abuse until the hunter Orion appears at the eastern end of the world, seeking the healing touch of a Titan.

When Helios refuses to aid yet another offspring of the usurping gods, Apollo hides Orion and heals the hunter as best as his fledgling powers allow. Blinded eyes mend slowly, and the two young men find themselves falling in love as the seasons go by. But the gods of Olympus see all, and Sky father Zeus disapproves of the budding relationship. Can their love stand against the disapproval and fury of the god of men?

Normally not a fan of Greek mythology, I was intrigued and happily satisfied with Love of the Hunter. Never did I doubt Ms. Locey’s ability to write the mythological story of Orion, but my own biases plagued me.

I was definitely proven wrong, as grab a box of tissues- because you will need them to get through the tale.

Ms. Locey delivered heartache and drama as she wove through the tumultuous relationships of the gods, their offspring and their lovers. I was immediately drawn into the story and Orion’s plight. The author delivered the tale with such clarity, that I felt every strike of the whip, every ounce of happiness, and every tear shed. The gods were a spiteful, narcissistic, and just plain not nice group of people- this radiated throughout.

The relationship between Orion, his sister, and his lover catapulted off the pages and enveloped me to the point that tears flowed freely, and my heart ached. Never does a story concerning Greek mythology end well but Ms. Locey delivered one that both satisfied my need for an HEA and a need for vindication.

Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review


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