Tuesday, January 15, 2013

If the Stars Fall

Sixteen years have passed since Jared Douglas surrendered his heart, accepting Alex Ross as an integral part of his life. Each moment since seems paved in gold leading them towards an inevitable happy ever after.
When calamity comes, it hits hard. The couple is left shell-shocked in the aftermath of disaster. Alex struggles to recover from his injury and the resulting depression. Jared’s efforts to help are ineffectual. He knows Alex is slipping away, but there’s nothing Jared can do but be there for Alex, and hope.
When things seem darkest, love brings them together, helping them to begin anew. They find the courage to reinvent their life together, and build a new dream from the ashes of the old.


If the Stars Fall by Diane Adams is the fifth book in The Making of a Man series and my favorite book of the series.  Once again we are immersed in the lives of Jared and Alex as the story immediately delves into turmoil that would separate the solidest of relationships, yet serves to strengthen Jared and Alex.

Alex suffered a debilitating accident when the stove in their dream home exploded, leaving Alex badly burned and scarred; physically and emotionally.  He has sequestered himself in their now apartment, hiding from the world, yet more importantly hiding emotionally from Jared.

Life’s events set the stage for reflection for both Jared and Alex. Knowing that Alex is Jared’s life’s breath, Jared decides to take the next step in their devoted relationship; he proposes to Alex.

Ms. Adams makes any reader feel a part of the lives of Jared and Alex.  She is a superb storyteller that masterfully draws the reader into the novel, making one feel emotionally connected to the lives of the characters.  From her characterization of Alex’s angst, to dealing with a homophobic mother, to Stevie and Clarke raising twin homosexual sons; every word, sentence and paragraph written was a heart-felt melodious undertaking.

I sobbed tears of sadness at the inner turmoil felt by Alex as he came to terms with his perceived short-comings. I sobbed tears of joy at the ever-present love that Jared held steadfast for Alex.  I sobbed tears of bliss at the union of Jared and Alex under the illuminating light of stars as they wed, ready to step towards the next 35 years together.

All the pieces of the previous stories mended together like a puzzle as Jared and Alex further cemented their relationships with family, friends, and most importantly each other.  Ms. Adams left me overcome with emotion as I once again fell in love with Jared and Alex.

This Making of a Man series needs to be an addition to collectors of true life romance and lovers of HEA. 5 Handcuff review.


  1. If the Stars Fall sounds very good. I have not yet read any of the series, so I would have to start at the beginning. I usually gravitate toward the paranormal, but I might make an exception for this series.

    Once again, though, I have to recommend the B. Quick series by C S Laurel. This is not a paranormal, at it isn't filled with much sex, but the sexual tension is at a high level. Very good mistery/gay romance. I love it.

  2. Definitely read the series. So worth it, but yes, you must start at the beginning. I fell in love with Jared and Alex.
    I have purchased the B. Quick series by CS Laurel and plan to read them this weekend. I read all the blurbs and they sound good. I will let you know when I finish.
    Happy Reading,