Monday, January 14, 2013

The Solstice by Angel Rothamel


Evelise: Thank you to new author Angel Rothamel for joining me here today to talk about herself and her new book, The Solstice.

Angel: Thanks for having me, I am excited to be here, and I thank you for the opportunity to introduce my story The Solstice here with you.

I live in south East Texas and aside from working in the real world, I tend to be in front of my computer delving into the minds of my characters…when they are talking to me. Lol
I also write under a different pen name with my best friend and co conspirator, and believe me you don’t want to hear those conversations. Lol

The Solstice is my first release and I am excited and nervous at the same time to see how people react to it. When I first started submitting for publication, I would have people ask me what I wrote and in my area that could be a loaded question. But I have finally gotten to the point that I don’t really care their opinion so I tell them.

I had one lady ask me why I write that and doesn't it disgust me for 2 men to be together…

My response to her was…
“Well, if you think about it why is it any different for a woman to be turned on by 2 men making out, than a man being turned on by two women making out. I mean if you took your 2 favorite male actors and walked in on them making out, would you say ‘oh gross that’s sick!’, or would you stop, watch and drool? And be honest. Like for instance if you saw Brad Pitt and George Clooney locking lips and making out half dressed, what would you do?”

I have had that conversation with several people, both men and women and their response has always been the same…
“Well of course I would watch.”

I guess with some people you just have to put it in a way they will be able to visualize and actually ‘get’.

Evelise: What inspired you to start writing? 
Angel: I have been writing since I can remember. I loved creating the drama and scenarios for the characters to deal with and to see if they could successfully work through them and end up together.

Evelise: Who are your favorite authors and why?
Angel: I started reading Carol Lynne’s Cattle Valley series and went from there. Tara Lain and Lynn Lorenz are also favorite authors, not only because of their writing but also because they have all been invaluable and patient with helping me and all the questions I have had.

Evelise: Tell us something about yourself that your readers would be surprised about?
Angel: I am very shy in person. Attending GRL the last 2 years has been an experience for me in breaking me out of my shell. This year at GRL in Atlanta is going to be tough for me because I’ll be going as an author this time.

Evelise: Where do you get your ideas from?  
Angel: That’s a good one… Sometimes I am lying in bed, all snug and about to fall asleep when all of a sudden they do the proverbial ‘knock knock’ and want to give me their life story right then.  Sometimes I pull from a few personal things that have happened in my life and other times I’m watching something or in a conversation and I get an idea.
My mood also plays a role in some of the ideas.

Evelise: Do you outline or "run with it"?
Angel: It depends on the story. Sometimes I can sit down and write a story from beginning to end and it turns out really well. With other stories, especially series, I have to outline and plot out so I don’t forget something.
It drives me nuts when an author changes a detail half way through a series and what was one way in the first 10 books suddenly changes in the next books.  I don’t want to do that with my books.

Fun Things

Favorite food:
Angel: Nice steak, medium rare, with a nice grill char on it. No sauce just the juices, and depending on where I am at, maybe a nice brown gravy over it and a side of mashed potatoes. (or baked potato if there is no mashed potato)

Evelise: I also have to go with the steak, but I like mine to be mooing! Baked potato, too please.

Favorite type of music:
Angel: A little bit of anything except grunge or rap. I was raised on country, my first concert was Def Leopard. I tend to like songs rather than types of music or artists.

Evelise: I love all types but Latina is my favorite.

Who do you read when you are not in author mode: 
Angel: Tara Lain, Carol Lynne, Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen… That’s just a few that are on my Nook at the moment. :D

Evelise: You are singing my song!

Favorite color:
Angel: A certain shade of pink/purple of the sunset. I don’t see it often but when I do, I absolutely love it.

Evelise: Purple all the way.


Tyler, a Nature sprite,forced to hunt by his village, He hated the thought of killing anything and would rather sing to the animals instead.

Pryl, a Wood sprite, gathering herbs, when he heard a voice speak to his soul. Taking the chance to meet the owner of that voice.

They built a life and family together, and eagerly awaited their family coming home for Solstice.  It would be the first time all of the children and their families would be home.  It was time for them to hear the whole story of how their parents came together.


The Solstice is a wonderful short story filled with family and love.  Tyler and Pryl are loving mates that shower each other and their family with adoration and affection. The two sprites eagerly await their family’s arrival for the solstice and decide to tell them the story of how they came together.

Ms. Rothamel does a beautiful job of creating a sensual surrounding of love and heart-felt desire.  The sensitivity expressed by Tyler and Pryl radiates through the pages and warms the heart.  I fell in love with the sprite family and all the goodness they stood for.

Although the story is not one of sex, but tenderness and compassion, I gave it a S.E.X. 5-handcuff rating.  Ms. Rothamel has a way with words that draws the reader into the story. A job well done and I hope to read more of her works in the future.



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