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[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, elves, sex toys, HEA]

Zuriel knows what people think about him. Hell, he’d made it his mission to give them the impression he cared about nothing more than sex. It wasn’t the best reputation to have, but it was a lot better than getting his heart broken.

Then Dr. Spiro Araceli swept into his life and changed everything. Spiro looked right past his outward fa├žade, saw through all of his insecurities, and offered him a chance that no one else had ever given him—a chance to be normal.

Spiro never wanted to lead his people, but when a curse takes him back to his family’s home, he’ll have no choice. With tragedy around every corner, his instincts tell him to grab his mate and run, but he has a responsibility to protect his people. When death comes knocking at his own doorstep, however, how will he choose between love and duty?


The Moon Light Breed series has been one of my favorites since I first picked up a Gabrielle Evans book and Jaded does not disappoint. Jaded tells the story of Zuriel and Dr. Spiro Araceli.
Zuriel is one of the many rescued from The Hive and Spiro is a Moon Lighter, who is also half elven. 

The two men are fated mates and must work through many obstacles in order to find a life of happiness.  Zuriel has deep-seeded issues, Spiro is about to become king of the elves, and yes, people are being murdered around them. Throw in Zuriel’s crazy and loving friends and the adventure takes off from there.

What I love most about Gabrielle Evans’ books is that she is so in tuned with the characters. Ms. Evans knows when the time is right to have a character jump head first into a relationship or take a more slow and methodical approach. In the case of Jaded, slow and methodical was the way to go but that did not distract in the least from the book. In fact, in my opinion it only enhanced the story. It would have seemed unrealistic if Spiro forced the mating need with Zuriel with all the issues he brought to the table. Spiro was the loving, patient man I would have expected in an Evans book.

Ms. Evans always brings life to her characters, whether the leading man or a supporting role for that particular book. The element of trust, love and understanding permeated throughout the story, which made for a whirl-wind romance. 

Ms. Evans never fails to bring in her previous characters from the series in order to lay foundation or heighten the current story. She develops plots that are stimulating and exciting, never disappointing. And, of course, the sex is always steamy and hot!

Whenever I pick up one of Gabrielle Evans books I know that I will be taken on an adventure that will leave me yearning for more and always looking forward to the next installment.

Definitely S.E.X.
A five-handcuff review.

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