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Kharisma Rhaynes Book Tour

Welcome Kharisma to S.E.X.

Thanks so much for allowing me to snag a spot on your blog for a little overtaking with some Highlander yumminess.

How easy is it to lose yourself into a book you've picked up? I find I need a special kind of that I'm hard pressed to find to my perfect liking (which is one of the reasons I started writing). I'd say the closest I've seen would be Jamie Campbell from Monica McCarty's Highlander series. One read of him and I was hooked. I had never read Highlander romance before. Jamie Campbell was all it took and I’ve been hooked on Highlanders since. While I have read all the rest of her books, still none of her heroes compare to Jamie (Hawk might be a close second).
I prefer my Highlanders tall, blond, built and with an attitude. Not the ones caving to the desires of a woman who's wrapped them around their finger. There are ways to fall in love with your heroine without becoming a pussy in the process.

The same holds true for the movies I choose to watch (even the television shows most generally). I want action. If love is thrown in, fine...but give me men who are duking it out in fast paced action. No, my hero doesn't have to leave untouched. I'm not that unrealistic.
I love a good scar or a bruise, cut, etc from a battle well fought. I love a man that can bring it, but can take it as well, without so much as batting an eye.
Perhaps that's why I started professionally fighting all those years ago. I get to hang out with and train with "that type" of guy. The one that signs up for a fight months in advance while others spend their lives trying to run from and avoid a physical fight. Those guys that get hit in the face or kicked in the stomach and smile. Then dish it right back out to you.

Besides, who can complain about a great set of abs? The characters I see in what an author creates for me need to be that strong, well-built man. The one who has muscles that move as they do. Muscles that strain as they wield a sword or move to do some other physical kind of labor.
Yes, physical labor. To this day, in real life, I don't want anything to do with anyone that is opposed to getting their hands dirty. For some reason, there isn't anything much hotter than a man after a long day of work. Hey, they can't be squeaky clean all the time. Besides, it gives you an excuse to help them clean up.

So, I like to think of my perfect dream man (who you'll meet soon in my upcoming Blade of the Highlander book (Highland Blades Series Book 1)--a Highlander. One that isn't without fault. One that makes choices that are sometimes against what everyone else wants and makes no apology for it. A born leader. He does things his way. While he does have one or two trusted people that he'll listen to opinions from, his choices are still his own and he doesn't take orders.
  The man that is fierce in battle, loves the battle. The man that will work on his home and his yard with his hands. Sweat and get dirty. The man that can love his woman without submitting to her.

In the end, I suppose, I love men who ARE men (or my opinion of what I view them as). What about you? What's your dream hero? Will Breandan be among them soon? Or maybe Tor or Drostan? Caelan?

I hope you’ll join me…along with Breandan, Auralee and their friends on their journey.

Season 1 - Episode 4

Breandon and Auralee should have had time to get to know one another, but Breandan's still hell bent on avoiding what Angus and Niall believe to be his fate. When a betrothal is announced, it won't go without consequence.

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  1. Highlander Mine is a wonderful serial and everyone needs to check it out! Thanks for dropping by.

  2. So much yumminess... but I want to know more about your professional fighting...

    1. hahahaha :D I'm retired...let me tell you, it's hard on the body and I refused to do it past a certain point. It was fun though

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