Tuesday, June 18, 2013


M/F with M/FM, Sci-Fi Futuristic, BDSM
Publisher: Anything-but-Ordinary Books

[One scene of dubious consent which motivates the heroine to find a better situation. Though there is a good bit of sexual exploration, this is primarily a M/F romance.]
Vihlok is a dashing, though somewhat unscrupulous, “contractor” forced into exile on Spaceport Makar. He offers a variety of less than legal services for outlandish fees. When an anonymous client asks him to kidnap a young woman during her wedding and sully her reputation so badly the groom will no longer want her, he’s intrigued.
A past indiscretion leaves Rana Jabulayni little choice but to accept an unwanted marriage. Yet one night alone with her fiancé convinces Rana anything is better than being bartered as part of a trade agreement. Seeing no other option, Rana arranges her own kidnapping.
Vihlok has dreamed of repaying the corrupt House of Jabulayni for their utter indifference to his people ever since the war ended. A quirk of fate has left his enemy at his mercy and the day of reckoning is long overdue. Knowing the uninhibited people of Makar will shock and scandalize the sheltered princess, Vihlok agrees to kidnap/rescue her. But Princess Rana is not nearly as sheltered as Vihlok presumes and erotic heat soon turns to something deeper.


Reckoning by Aubrey Ross left little to the imagination and delivered sex on a stick. Princess Rana was about to be married to a ruthless ruler in exchange for economic assistance towards her home world. Realizing that she has made a grave error in the agreement she elicited the help of her maid to arrange her own kidnapping.

Enter Vihlok, once of the ruling family and surviving heir, now turned brigand and resident kidnapper. The brash man was immediately intrigue by the princess and after careful bargaining, sexual fantasies were about to begin as they traversed the erotic world of lust and sex.

Ms. Ross characterized Rana as a submissive with a strong will, a wicked tongue and a woman who knew what she wanted. Submissive or not, Rana desired to be taught insurmountable pleasures at the hand of Vihlok and was not afraid to say it. She carefully negotiated the fine line of topping from the bottom.

Aubrey Ross leapt head first into a word of unabashed sexual pleasures as anything went, sans any vulgarity. The tale was stimulating and electrifying as Rana submitted to Vihlok in the pleasures carnal intent. Reckoning fulfilled fantasies that are usually not spoken and left to rest. Through unchartered waters, Ms. Ross took Rana and readers alike and stimulated the senses, leaving anyone with blood coursing through their veins panting breathlessly and wanting more.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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