Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Two is not Enough

There are many things you can say this about but when it comes to our sexual pleasure this one is a big hell yeah. I want more than two. It could be multiple orgasms to lots of hot and heavy kisses. There are many things we want more than two of when it comes to our sex lives.

Some people need that extra person in their relationship to give it a sense of completion and there is nothing wrong with that. I say the more the merrier, if you can make it work and everyone is happy with it, then why not?  If that is not for you then maybe you are into toys; nipple clamps or vibrator, for instance. This can free up you partners hands for other lovely things they can do to your body. 

Maybe you need spectators to watch, hell maybe you just want to be a spectator. I like the idea of being tied up and played with for hours, having multiple toys used on me, just a little personal fantasy of mine.* winks*

There are so many things you want more than two of. I say life is too short not to try out some of the fantasies you have as long as no one is hurt.

Thank you Jessie for your thoughts!

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