Friday, August 23, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ Dragon Tamer~ Skye Dragen

Challenged by a puny human to a round of three-way chess, the dragon of Blackwater Falls, Aden Canicus, desires nothing more than for the games to be done so he can enslave the arrogant human who dared to make his way up the mountain to disturb his solitude.

Tjaden Moore has crossed an ocean in order to meet the dragon who lives on his uncle’s magical game preserve. If he wins their game, he will have Aden for twenty-four hours in human form, and he doesn’t entertain any other possibility.

A win might gain the treasure hunter the night of debauchery he wants but being with someone as magical as a dragon could form bonds between them that he can’t begin to comprehend, let alone resist.    


Dragon Tamer, Skye Dragen’s new release is a hot tale of arrogant dragon Aden who is bested in games of chess by an eager and adventurous human, Tjaden. Both dragon and human have ulterior motives for partaking in the game of chance and what they discover leads them on a path of decadence and fate.

Ms. Dragen wove a short tale of fantasy and trickery as she cleverly developed an intriguing partnership between the dragon and the human. Strip poker had nothing on strip chess.

The sexual chemistry between dragon and human was plentiful and off the chart. A short tale that packed a wallop of sexual interlude that sizzled and left panting and yearning for more.

A HFN ending that promises to bring more escapades of the egotistical dragon who is now smitten with the daring human.

I look forward to more adventures of this new series, Legends of Avalon.

Sexy and sizzling
A four handcuff review

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  1. I also enjoyed the book and eagerly await more from the Legends of Avalon series.