Sunday, August 25, 2013

S.E.X. Sunday Review~ Plenty to Believe by Lara Valentine


Leah Holt’s the town bookworm, used to fading into the background. Former rock star Justin Reynolds and his manager, Linc Davis, could never be interested in a girl like her, but she can’t help fantasizing. They’re sexier than any hero in her romance novels.

Justin’s head over heels for Leah’s shy, sexy ways. She’s not impressed with their former rock star glory. He wants to build a future and a family with her. Linc’s fallen for Leah, too. She’s amazing, the smartest woman he’s ever met. And that’s the problem.

Leah’s the one woman Linc can never be with. He pushes her away, determined she’ll never know his shameful secret. Justin is equally determined to push all three of them together, frustrated with his best friend’s stubborn behavior.

When Linc’s actions break Leah’s heart, he has to tell her the truth, no matter the cost to himself. Is it too late to make her believe in their love?


Combine two very hot men and a sexy independent bookworm and Plenty to Believe is a must read. Lara Valentine delivered stimulating scenes as Linc, Justin and Leah traversed the cycle of friendship and love, learning to trust and believe in each other and what each could bring to the budding relationship.

Plenty to Believe not only dealt with a ménage relationship but the insecurities that each person intrinsically had in the face of others. Personal obstacle and uncertainties formulated a match made in plenty as Leah saw her self-worth through the eyes of Linc and Justin, Linc learned to trust that his secrets would be accepted and Justin melded the three together.

The sex was smoking and intricately placed throughout the story with thought and consideration to each partner and the situation-not just for the sake of sex.

Ms. Valentine’s portrayal of Leah was sweet with an air of innocence but was truly a spitfire of a woman who knew what she wanted in life, the bedroom, and with her men.  She did not create a submissive wall flower but a force to reckon with as tempers flared and the sheets were ignited.

Ms. Valentine gave substance to Leah’s personality, an independent woman with a business of her own, not self-serving, but one who could have it all; job, love, and family.

Linc’s brooding and dark attitude endeared me to him as he struggled with his fate versus his feelings. Lara Valentine wove a societal problem throughout the story and gave substance to the issue and the solution. Justin was also a likeable character with his go getter attitude and his loving nature.  His relationship with Linc, although not sexual, was one of deep-seeded love and affection that continually permeated throughout the tale.

Plenty to Believe was a wonderful addition to the series Plenty, FL and I look forward to more ménages as the men and women who live and settle in Plenty find love and happiness.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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