Tuesday, August 13, 2013

S.E.X.Review~ Everyday Love by Gabrielle Evans #EverydayLove #GabrielleEvans

The first year of their relationship was bliss. Now, however, Miles Gavari finds himself drifting farther away from his mate. Deciding that a vacation to an island resort is just what they need to reconnect, he whisks Hades away for some steamy nights on the sandy beaches of Resplendence.
Being the ruler of the Underworld is a real job with real stresses. Hades realizes that he’s been taking Miles for granted, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to recapture what they’ve lost.
It doesn’t take long for Miles to realize that he’s not the only one on the island vying for Hades’s attention. Determined to be the last man standing, he pulls out all the stops, making it a trip that neither of them are soon to forget. Will it be enough to hang on to their everyday love? Or is the fairy tale really over for good?
Note: This for-sale version has been revised and expanded and is at 14,092 words. The original short version at 10,156 words is available for free only inside the BookStrand App.


Sexy god of the Underworld, Hades and his hellhound mate, Miles are having a slight bump in the road of happily ever after. Introduced in Howl and Harmony, Miles is the brother of Milo from the previous Midnight Matings series and with their story in Everyday Love, we learn more about this powerful couple.

Gabrielle Evans delivered snappy sass and sexy scenes as the mated couple take a much needed respite from their tenuous duties and vacation on the island of Resplendence, where clothing is optional (loved this).

Miles and Hades each brought their own insecurities to the beach front resort as they realized their own shortcomings were directly related to their bump in the road of marital bliss. Miles was wonderfully over the top with his cave man attitude towards any man who gave his spunky little god a lascivious eye. The more dominant of the two mates, Miles would have wanted to wrap Hades in cotton and protect the god from all.

Of course, being the god of the Underworld was a powerful and stressful position, so a weakling Hades was not. Part of Hades spirited attitude was the fact that he had little qualm concerning the overprotectiveness of his beloved hellhound. He may have been taken back by Miles attitude at first but realization that Miles' protectiveness was directly related to his love allowed Hades to view his mate in a different light.

Gabrielle Evans depicted a loving couple who never doubted their emotions, but who simply needed to realize that it’s the everyday things that are the glue to hold the relationship together. Alot was packed into this short tale.

Sweet love and steamy sex are all apart of Miles and Hades story.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review.