Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Two is not Enough #AdultContent

Coming in October~ Sebastian and His Woodsmen (Secret Cravings Publishing)

No cover yet, but enjoy an unedited Adult Only snippet....

Gage heard Dylan pop off Avril’s dick and began to suckle on his right nipple, surely creating a swollen bud like its twin. Gage continued to loosen Avril’s rim with his tongue and once the rosette began to soften he gave his attention to Avril’s sac. As he did this, Brighton and Dylan began to kiss each other, devoured the others mouth and their cocks leaked onto Avril’s stomach.  Gage looked up when he heard Avril snicker at the sight of Brighton’s controlling the kiss and consuming the man’s mouth. Gage worked his way up Avril’s cock and licked his tummy, tasted the combined pre-cum of Brighton and Dylan. “Mmm, Mmm, sweet cream,” Gage pronounced.

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