Thursday, September 12, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ Sealed with a Purr~ Celia Kyle

Going to Georgia in order to watch over a handful of women is not Harding’s idea of a good time. With the death of Alistair McCain¬—ex-leader of Freedom—there’s a lot of clean up going on. That includes helping Freedom’s released captives recover in a safe environment. Hence, Harding having to make the trip down south. Really…how hard could it be to keep five women safe? Harder than he thinks.

Because there are two women who hardly speak, another who hardly has an inch of control, and then another who feels the last woman rounding out the group should die. It’s that last woman—curvaceous, lush, and gorgeous—that intrigues him the most. Tess is beautiful, alluring, and…his.

Tess knows pain, hatred, and hopelessness. What she doesn’t know is hope or love. Harding Grange is tempting her to discover both…with him. The massive lion shifter entices her with his strength, torments her with his body, and lures her with his tortured memories. They have a painful past in common, but while he’s ready to jump into mating, she’s trying to figure out the easiest way for him to kill her if she goes crazy after she’s Changed. Because she is, after all, Alistair McCain’s daughter.

Sealed with a Purr by Celia Kyle was beautifully written; filled with emotional turmoil, angst and above all love. Harding has been was sent from his pride to the Freedom compound to guard women that had been previously traumatized by Alistair McCain. Most of the women in the compound are empaths-Sensitives- including his newly found mate Tess, daughter of the late McCain. What transpired was an emotional roller coaster on a wild ride to happily ever after.

Celia Kyle created flawed characters with beautiful souls, survivors with the will to forge on and live. Both Harding and Tess touched my heart. Tess’s anguish emanated from the pages with each word spoken and each nuance felt. Emotional turmoil surrounded her heart; finally permitting herself to feel the love of a man, her mate.

Harding was strong and sexy and contained the ability to see past any self-inflicted imperfections that Tess thrust upon herself. His love for her was apparent from the moment he realized mate and continued throughout the story. Protect and love became his mantra.

The secondary characters added levity and spontaneity to the story. The pride Prima, Maya, became a testament to “love yourself and live a lot” as she interjected her bits of wisdom.
Overall the story captivated my attention from the start. Two strong personalities that meshed together where love truly conquered all.

Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review

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