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Spotlight~ Diane Leyne

I'm originally from a small town in Nova Scotia but grew up in Toronto where I still live. In addition to reading (all types of books) and writing, my loves include photography and travel (over 20 countries and counting). And I'd love to hear from my fans!

Libertine Island 3: The Runaway Sub

Jen Smith's been alone since her Master died five years earlier. Now, she's quit her job and come to Libertine Island to witness a marriage.  She meets Dr. Caleb McKenna, who took a job on the island to get away from the big bad city after getting shot near the clinic where he volunteered, and the breakup of his long-term relationship. They are two lonely people who decide to have a fling, not expecting to fall for each other.

They are still trying to figure things out when Reynaldo Montoya arrives to bring Caleb home after tracking down the man responsible for the shooting. 

Even though they were apart, he's not to happy to find Caleb in Jen's arms and decides to extract revenge, but when he sees how much they need each other, he realizes that maybe he's the one who should step aside unless the three of them can figure out how to make it work.


Since he’d come to the island, he’d generally kept to himself other than a couple of disastrous attempts at fitting in. He’d avoided wearing a bathing suit until his wound had fully healed and even now generally wore a tank to cover it up. He didn’t want to talk about it. The one time someone did catch a glimpse of it, he’d implied that it was from his service days and had changed the subject. No one really knew much about him and Rey. A few people had seen the photo he kept on his desk at work, but they also saw the more prominent photo of him and his sister Melissa. They looked nothing alike and some assumed she was his sub. He encouraged the fiction and had even made teasing passes at female subs that he knew were not free to respond. Even after almost four months, he wasn’t ready to talk about his relationship with Rey to anyone.

Caleb could see the boat was on time and just pulling in. JJ knew the waters and he knew boats and steered up to the dock and tied it off with a minimum of fuss. Caleb walked down the dock and arrived at the boat just as JJ was helping the first woman out. She was small and curvy and quite beautiful with dark hair and eyes and very clearly related to Max. She was wearing a skimpy black bikini and carrying a large camera. And she was now arguing with JJ, who was trying to convince her that she couldn’t take any more photos without permission. It was almost funny watching the tiny spitfire try to intimidate their tall, taciturn boatman.

“Take me to your leader!” she demanded as she started walking quickly down the dock.

Caleb chuckled as JJ looked helplessly after her and then turned to Caleb.

“You’d better do what she says. Go after her. I’ll help Ms. Smith and send someone down for the luggage.”

JJ threw a grateful look at him before rushing after Maggie.

Caleb turned to the other woman waiting to debark. She was different from Maggie. Whereas Maggie was all fire and energy, this woman, who he presumed was Jen, was cool and calm and patient. She was standing in the boat watching the scene with mild amusement. She seemed to be average height with light sandy, almost-blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. She was on the plain side with her pale hair and skin, and he thought she was a little too thin, but it was hard to tell since she was covered up from head to toe, which was an interesting clothing choice for a BDSM resort. Then again, she might just be protecting her skin. She looked to be just a fair-skinned as Caleb himself, except without the freckles.

When Maggie and JJ were out of sight, she turned to him.

“Seems we’ve been abandoned.” Her voice was smooth and sexy and amused.

Caleb put a foot on the side of the boat and reached out a hand.”Allow me.”

Gracefully, she put her hand in his, took a step up onto the dock, and promptly caught her heel and went down hard on one knee. Luckily, Caleb’s grip prevented her from actually hitting the ground, but it looked like her ankle twisted quite painfully. Caleb swept her into his arms and strode down the dock to a bench where he sat her down gently.

Carefully, he eased the shoe off her foot. It didn’t seem to be swelling. Rotating it gently, he could feel her wince, but she didn’t try to pull away.

“I don’t think it’s broken. I’d like a better look, but I don’t think it’s anything to worry about.” He stood up.”But I can’t believe JJ let you on his boat wearing those things. He’s too professional for that.”

“It’s not JJ’s fault. He made me take them off for the ride. I slipped them back on just after we docked. Turns out they were safe on the boat. It’s dry land that I can’t walk on.”

On impulse, he swept her into his arms.”In that case, we’d better take no chances until I’ve had a chance to do a proper examination.”

She grinned, and it totally transformed her face. He wasn’t sure why he thought she was plain before. The brilliant blue eyes and her wide grin were infectious. She was beautiful. And his cock certainly thought so which surprised him greatly. He hadn’t been with a woman beyond some youthful experimentation, but there was something about the delicate bundle in his arms that made him both want to protect her and to spank her ass until it was a glowing pink and she was screaming for him to fuck her. Maybe it was the way she looked at him with complete trust, or maybe it was the way she wrapped her arms around his neck which pressed her small breasts against his chest, or maybe that bang on the head had been worse than they’d thought. He’d had a mild concussion from hitting the ground hard after getting shot. It shouldn’t have caused anything worse than a mild headache, but here he was, for the first time in his life, really aroused by a woman. What else could it be? His brains were definitely scrambled.

He shifted her higher in his arms so she wouldn’t feel his clearly very sexually confused and aroused cock.

“Are you a doctor?” she asked mildly, clearly not bothered at all to be in his arms.

“I am.”

“Then I’m all yours!”

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