Sunday, October 13, 2013

Fated for Forever~ Alanea Alder

Ashby Fairfax has always looked for love in the wrong places. His last attempt left him running from an abusive boyfriend. Since coming to Arkadia, life has been great. He finally has the family he has always craved. Only one thing is missing, his mate. But how can a small-town fox shifter be mated to a vampire prince?

Prince Gabriel has led his people through the ages and into the twenty-first century. He is on the verge of losing his soul when he catches the scent of what may be his mate. Once Ashby is confirmed as his, it seems their troubles begin. 

Someone is after Ashby. Gabriel’s entire coven rallies around their new prince, and for the first time in his existence, Gabriel experiences bone-numbing fear. Can he find the strength to send Ashby to Arkadia to ensure his safety? And will he be able to eliminate the threat before he loses his reason for living?

Ever since I started reading Alanea Alder’s series Kindred of Arkadia I have looked forward to Ashby’s story. And when it was discovered that the small fox’s mate was the vampire, Prince Gabriel I knew it would be an exciting book. I was not disappointed.

Fated for Forever, the third book in the series, continued to take the readers on a beautifully crafted ride centering on the town of Arkadia and all its wonderful personalities. Ashby, ice cream shop owner, fox shifter, inner circle confidant to the Alpha Mother Rebecca Arkadion, has had a hard and tumultuous life before landing in the very accepting town of Arkadia. Ashby and Gabriel previously met but unforeseen circumstances prevented Ashby from scenting his mate, but once Gabriel finally courted Ashby into a date at the coven- owned club Purgatory, the little fox shifter had no choice but to submit to his vampiric mate.

Ms.Alder delivered sass and spunk as her characters personalities radiated through the pages. Ashby was fiercely independent and although he was slightly timid around the vampires his strength of character soon radiated through as a beacon of sunshine for Gabriel and his coven.

Gabriel exuded alpha as he ran his coven with the precision of an army general and when Ashby’s life was threatened he moved heaven and hell to keep his angel healthy and secure.

Fated for Forever conveyed suspense, drama, friendship and love as friends and family banded together to help each other in times of need and form new loving relationship in their haven of Arkadia. New characters were introduced with old ones always in the fore front of the story. Ms. Alder has a lot of wonderful writing ahead of herself as the Kindred of Arkadia continues. She pulled me into every exciting facet of the book and will always have me coming back for more.

The sex was sizzling and there is no lack of sexy men.

Definite S.E.X.

A five handcuff review.

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