Sunday, October 13, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ Disturbed Connections~ Kia Zi Shiru

A werewolf and a vampire, forbidden love. What could go wrong?

CHRIS, a werewolf on the run from his abusive clan, hides in a vampire house. ALEC, a vampire who has comfortably lived in the house for years, has no intentions to ever leave it.

Their connection is obvious from the first time they meet. But the house rules are strict, werewolves and vampires can not date. Unable to fight their attraction and unwilling to leave, they instead choose to hide their love.

Then Chris’ old clan finds him and takes him back. Will Alec ever see Chris again?

Ms. Shiru’s book Disturbed Connections (Otherkin Spirits 2) was an intriguing read. The only issue was a POV in the beginning that was a little hard to follow but seemed to even out after the first chapter. The characters were well written and you could definitely feel the emotion from the pages of the book.

Chris was a werewolf with a problem, his clan. They were looking for him, wanting him back in the worst way. Then there is Alec, psy vampire looking for a friend. Travis’s long term friend and love of his life finds his own boyfriend and moves on from Alec.

As Chris and Alec bond and become closer, those closest to them that try to keep them apart and when thing can't seem to get worse; Chris is taken back by his clan.  Can Alec move past the people working to tear them apart or will he be too late when they find Chris?

A sweet love story of how two people find and fight for the love and chance to be together. A good afternoon read.

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