Saturday, November 30, 2013

My Sexy Saturday #MySexySaturday #MSSWeek27

Welcome to the 27th week of My Sexy Saturday.

My sexy man. You know the one that I’m talking about. The one that’s dripping sex.  The one that’s a living, breathing sex object. The one that the heroine is dying to meet. Or dreams about meeting. Yeah, that man. Those are the men that fill up those pages of our romances. And don’t we just love to read about them? Aren’t they hawt?

Well, how about five sexy, hawt men...Seven sexy paragraphs from my new release Sebastian and His Woodsmen..

“Hey baby,” purred Brighton as he glided his tongue across Sebastian’s lips. Brighton plundered his mouth as Gage plundered Brighton’s ass, preparing him for his cock. Both Brighton and Sebastian were about to be fucked, royally. Once Gage pushed Brighton to the point of no return, he eased him off Sebastian’s lips, applied lube to his rod and gently glided him down his cock.

“Damn, my favorite part, the stretch and burn by a fat cock,” Brighton stammered.

“What a view,” exclaimed Dylan from under Sebastian, Sebastian figured they would all be satisfied in a few moments.

Once Brighton was impaled on Gage’s cock, Avril slowly began to ease himself into Sebastian’s tight channel. He allowed his cock head to enter the ringed muscles. Inch by excruciating inch he moved forward, grabbing more lube and pouring some more on his member to ease the way.

“Relax, baby. Push out and let me in, don’t fight the sensation. Watching my dick disappear into your tight body is a thing of beauty,” said Avril. Once he was fully seated in Sebastian, Avril gently turned his head, until his mouth captured Brighton’s dick. All five men were now connected. Avril was inside Sebastian, Dylan sucking him while being jerked off by Avril, Sebastian sucking Brighton and Gage fucking Brighton. If anyone were to look into the room, they would see a symphony of sweaty, moaning men, connected not only in body, but also in soul.

Each man sought the pleasure of another before seeking his own. A rhythm slowly began to take hold, fluid movement in and out of any number of orifices. No man could talk. Words were not needed as they plundered each other. Pants, moans, and heavy breathing were all that could be heard, each nearing their release, yet wanting another to orgasm first.

“I can’t last much longer,” panted Gage. “I need you to come, anyone." Sebastian bucked wildly as his channel was pillaged by Avril and his mouth was stuffed with a beautiful cock. He felt Brighton’s cock begin to enlarge, he didn’t know if he could stretch his mouth wide enough to handle the blood engorged member. Brighton panted, “Coming…” and exploded, filling Sebastian’s mouth with the sweet and salty taste of his seed. Sebastian swallowed each and every drop, wasting not a single bit. Avril punished his ass while he jerked Dylan with ferocity. One, two, three more jerks of Dylan’s dick, Avril pressed his thumbnail into his slit and Dylan shouted and shot all over Sebastian’s chest, thus causing a chain reaction of the most mind-blowing orgasms they had ever experienced. Avril exploded inside Sebastian as Gage erupted in Brighton. Sebastian felt his balls churn and his member thicken as Dylan stroked him from base to tip. One final twist of his helmet and Sebastian came. Sebastian reached toward his chest and rubbed a finger through the cum that was painted on him. Sebastian licked his finger, the essence of Dylan, tangy and sweet. Sebastian looked up at him, Dylan’s pupils were dilated with satisfaction, and it was the hottest thing he had ever seen.