Sunday, December 1, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ Amazon Heat by Valerie Twombly

When Katrina faces the death of her father, she is left with only one choice. Hire a local demon to help her retrieve a mythical healing stone from deep in the Amazon. However, when the two finally meet, sparks fly. The man is a walking sex god and when he offers to pleasure her in exchange for his services, she finds it hard to refuse.

Damis only intended to have a good time with the beautiful blonde who entered his office. Little did he know, the vixen was not only half demon, but his mate, as well. Can he resist the urge to bond with her? Or will his desire be his downfall?

Ms. Twombly’s book Amazon Heat (Demon Heat) was a fast paced read with lots of hot steamy sex throughout the jungle. The story flowed quickly taking you on a passion filled trek though the Amazon.

Katrina Norris or Kat to her friends was on a mission to save her father. Forced to make a deal with a demon to get the stone that could save her father’s life, Kat finds herself falling for the arrogant demon.

Damis is a demon who looked for the next woman to have some fun with and take to his bed. When Kat approached him about his help in getting the stone, he agreed without thought. He found her intriguing and beautiful. 

As they head out to get the stone from its hiding place sparks fly between Kat and Damis. Along with Brock and a few other demons they set out to retrieve the stone.  When Damis is hurt and fighting for his life will Kat walk away or run to save her demon? Will love and the mate bond win in the end or will the secret that was hidden from her be too much to handle?

The story was a good read for a rainy afternoon. The characters were well developed making you want to read the next page. I enjoyed the pace and sex scenes were plentiful.

Sexy and Sizzling
A four handcuff review

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