Friday, November 1, 2013

S.E.X. Review~ Bound by Desire by Jana Downs

For Trev, falling in love with his alien captor after the lottery sent him halfway across the universe was easy. Navigating his relationship as time wears on proves to be much more difficult. He is bound by his desire for his master, but he doesn’t know if desire is enough. When his lover takes a job back on Earth, Trevor asks for his freedom.

Yanai is used to being desired, but love is another matter entirely. Unused to human customs but very much enamored with his lover, he will do just about anything to prove to Trev that he cares, including taking a job across the universe on Trev’s home planet. If he could only learn how to communicate properly with his human, he knows they will be able to work.

Will the two of them learn to communicate, or will both of them be unable to reconcile their differences?

Bound by Desire was a lesson in communication as Trev and Yanai must learn to open themselves to each other as they navigate their precarious relationship. The story, part of the Owned series by Jana Downs began one year into Trev’s ownership by Yanai and although a relationship was established it did not come sans problems.

 Trev had fallen in love with his master but his definition of love clearly had a different meaning for Yanai. Upon returning to earth Trev asked for his freedom; the both of them deciding on a month long separation to learn each other’s culture. The separation was a lesson in discover and the importance of communicating true feelings.

This series has kept me captivated from the start. Each character has brought a new and uplifting element to the stories. Trev’s carefree attitude radiated from the pages as he brought his lover to openness.  Trev was the yin to Yanai’s yang. Ms. Downs wrote complimenting personalities that together created a whole. Their love emanated from the pages and their deep-rooted commitment was apparent.

Sexy characters, great story telling and a true lesson that stereotyping only leads to miscommunication. A must read.

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