Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Sexy Saturday #MSSWeek29 #MySexySaturday

Welcome to S.E.X. and My Sexy Saturday. Here are seven unedited paragraphs from a new venture with Dakota Trace, Yesterday's Secrets. Remember this is a Blog Hop so click the link below to check out the other great blogs and authors.

Check out the inspiration for Marik Jette.

Caramba! Anxious, not a word that was normally a part of Marik's vocabulary, but the fucking butterflies revolting in his stomach told him otherwise. The pesky little Lepidoptera were fluttering in the recess of his gut, like B-52 bombers firing a blitzkrieg on an unsuspecting town. Marik wasn't sure why he was such a wreck, but this interview was important to him.

Marik's had a few jobs since he graduated from Temple University with his degree in Business Management but nothing particularly interesting nor steady. And nothing completely utilizing the skills he learned throughout his higher education.  All that money spent, in fact he was still paying his loans off, and he felt as if his degree was just a wall ornament. A testament to pay homage to his parents and their insistence that he attend a university.

Well, Marik obviously gave into his parent's wishes and yet two years later he still didn't have a particularly life-fulfilling job nor a man. Quite frankly he felt as if his potential was being wasted.

He was in a rut, a funk really, and he needed something to snap him out of it. If truth be told, right now Marik's mere existence was in a funk or even fucked. Landing an interview at Satterfield West could help pull him up from the depths of his current despair and into the sunlight. No pun intended, that Satterfield West was located in Key West, Florida, but sunshine may be just what the doctor ordered.

The gloom and doom of his life in Philadelphia, PA was beginning to get to him. Not his coming out as a gay man. Not the job market. Not his love life.

Love life- now that was a funny statement. Marik wasn't sure that he actually had a love life. Sure, he dated a few guys here and there. Mostly to get off, beat the meat, as he and his buddies would say, but serious dating? No. In fact, Marik hadn't really had his head turned since the amber eyed freshman pledging into Phi Theta Kappa popped a woody in front of the plebes and himself on truth night.

Marik remembered looking in the wide-eyed stare of the freshman, Keegan Gautier. Yes, that was his name. He was beautiful and painfully frightened and embarrassed by the turn of events that evening at Temple.


  1. Oh, I love both excerpts from this story! Looking forward to it! :)

    1. Thanks Jessica. I don't know about Evelise but I'm having a blast working on this together. Its fun to write with a friend.

  2. Damn...I'm still drooling over Marik. Too bad Keegan would probably hurt me if I absconded with his soon to be lover. But man am I tempted.

  3. Marik is a swashbuckling-looking hottie! I'm with Marik as far as sunshine, and getting the man of his most passionate dreams.

  4. Whew, Marik is a hottie. Doggone it, Caramba is right! Sigh. keegan is one lucky dude. Great excerpt.

  5. I love the premise of this story and can't wait to see these guys together. Write faster ;-)