Saturday, April 5, 2014

Seductive Studs & Sirens Blog Hop

Welcome to another new week of Seductive Studs & Sirens, a weekly bloghop for authors and bloggers of LGBT fiction.

A small unedited snippet from a WIP, The Legend of the Diamond Globe~ Cheveyo, Eri and Adolfo are partners in life and profession. 

The following UNEDITED snippet finds Fahad tongue-tied and thinking dirty thoughts. Enjoy!

He needed space and air. “I’ll let you gentlemen unpack. The two rooms down the hall are the bedrooms that you may occupy, each one has its own bathroom. There is a king size bed in each and the first room has a sitting are with a sofa pull out. I’m not sure of your arrangements,” Fahad hesitated, stumbling on his words, “I don’t know of any relationship…”

“Fahad, it’s okay, so stop,” Eri interjected as he grabbed the black luggage and glided it towards the door, “We’ll stay in the larger room. Together. Besides, depending on what we need to work with, we may have to use the second bedroom as a base as well.”

At least Fahad knew of the sleeping arrangements. They were a couple. No, a ménage. The mere thought of that prospect intrigued him. Three large men undulating with each other, sweaty bodies fornicating.


  1. I bet it does. Especially after his earlier shower fantasy. Yum!

  2. (((Undulating))) what a yummy image!

  3. hehe poor Fahad. I do love these 3 though :) I love how Eri lets him off the hook :D