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S.E.X. Review~ Unexpected Find by Nancy Corrigan

Royal Pride, Book 1

Since the murder of her best friend, Jazz is stuck in a safe but lonely way of life. She’s willing to sacrifice everything to keep her family safe from the shifter world. The sexy stranger who struts into her friend’s bar changes everything. From the first glance Jazz knows she’s sunk—their chemistry sizzles from across the room, it’ll be undeniable up close.

Rafe wants Jazz from the second he sets eyes on her. The depth of the need that swamps him every time he’s near her surprises him. It takes every last ounce of his self-control not to pounce on Jazz and make her his. Only her distrust of his shifter nature holds him back. He counts it as a win every time his beloved human gives in to their passion and takes him to her bed. But Rafe’s patience isn’t infinite and he’ll do whatever it takes, face any danger—past or present—to ensure that Jazz becomes his. Forever.

A Romantica® Paranormal erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave


The butterflies in Jazz’s belly took flight. The man was a romantic. “You know, I’m starting to enjoy the odd way you talk. It makes me feel as if I walked into a world where princesses wait to be swept away by their knight in shining armor.”

Rafe grinned, the sad look replaced by amusement. Releasing her hands, he slid his around her waist. “You would make a beautiful princess.”

“Would I?”

“One to be fought for.” He twirled a lock of her hair around a finger. “What about me? Would I fill the role of your knight in shining armor?”

She smiled, completely charmed by this man. She ran her hands over his chest, luxuriated in the layers of muscle under her palms. “I don’t know if any horse would be able to carry you for long. I see you more as a warrior, a conqueror.”

“One who demands the bonny ladies as his reward after a battle?” He swept her into his arms. She gasped and grabbed his shoulders. Lust heated his eyes as he mapped her face. “Oh yes, I like this fantasy and in it I get to choose you as my booty.” He bent his head closer so his golden eyes filled her vision. “I think I might keep you, Jasmine.”

Her breath hitched. “I think you have a wild imagination.”

“Or a hopeful one.” He eased back but watched her with that focused gaze she was starting to associate with him. “I want you.”

The lust-hazed glint to his eyes told her exactly what he wanted. For once in her life, she did too—but it couldn’t happen. She had responsibilities. Spontaneity and motherhood did not mesh. The little episode in Josh’s office proved that. She would’ve been mortified if Sara walked in while they were having sex. Everyone in town would’ve known within the hour. The other playgroup moms would find out, maybe shun her or at least look at her negatively. No. Any liaisons she had would have to be planned and kept hidden.

She licked her upper lip. “I haven’t had sex in a really long time, Rafe.” She dropped her gaze and stared at his chin. “What we did tonight wasn’t like me either. I’m not like that. Easy.”

He brushed his lips over her forehead. “I know.” He set her on her feet and took her hand. “Come, let’s get you home.”

Unexpected Find by Nancy Corrigan was a gem and a wonderful start to the Royal Pride series. Royals are a different and peculiar class of shifters- they house three cats in their spirits. WOW! What an interesting concept and Ms. Corrigan pulled it off. Rafe is such a royal and upon meeting the sexy spitfire Jazz, the man and his cats immediately desired the human as their mate. Although they do not have destined mates, as long as the pull and attraction is there, and human and animals are in agreement, a mating can occur. Problem? Of course. They do not mate humans- they are untrustworthy. Someone better tell that to Rafe, because he is determined to capture the human vixen and have her as his mate.

Jazz knows about shifters and doesn’t trust them as far as she can throw one. Upon befriending a cat shifter, stalked by her husband and killed after giving birth, Jazz soon became a mother to beautiful twin boys, both shifters. Protecting them with her life, Jazz raised Seth and Levi as her own until one fateful night when she encountered Rafe and his pride. And let the craziness begin….

Ms. Corrigan told a tale of intrigue and desire. Each character brought a different facet to the story that enhanced and intrigued this reader. I became enmeshed in their stories and subsequently wanted to know more about them- their pasts, potential futures, their thoughts and their loves.

The sexual heat between Rafe and Jazz took off from the moment they met and never relented throughout the book. Whether it was mind blowing kisses or orgasmic copulation, the tension and passion never wavered. Ms. Corrigan kept me captivated and panting. Kick back with a glass of wine and get ready for a ride of sexual frenzy.

Unexpected surprises and encounters along the way gave way to a story that was fast paced and captivating. Ms. Corrigan’s style of writing is refreshing and drew me in hook, line and sinker. Ms. Corrigan can add a new fan to her list. I look forward to reading more in the series. No, I need to read more in the series.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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