Thursday, October 16, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Cameron's Code by Jenna Byrnes

Interstate transportation of stolen property calls for FBI intervention. Can the KCPD detective and the bureau agent break up the crime ring before anyone else is killed?

Detective Dean Cameron with the KCPD Property Crimes Department is investigating a rash of local business thefts. When the cases cross state lines, the FBI is brought into action. Dean welcomes sexy agent Matt Anderson’s help on the job, and before he’s decided if it’s a good idea, they wind up in bed. Sharing a desire that’s too hard to resist, the men fall into an intense physical relationship that both of them know can never last.

Impossible Relationships. Matt’s life is in Chicago and Dean’s in Kansas City. Neither of them want a long distance love affair, but Dean can’t imagine not pursuing one. He’s head over heels, but Matt isn’t quite as convinced. When their most recent case takes a turn towards the deadly, what they want doesn’t seem to matter anymore. Racing against the clock, Dean is desperate to save Matt and see what can be salvaged of their relationship.

Cameron’s Code by Jenna Byrnes was everything I could have wanted in a crime drama~ criminals to apprehend, characters with spunk, and sexy men of the law.

Dean is a member of the KCPD Property Crimes Division. Matt is the FBI Task Force agent sent to Kansas City to help solve the current string of thefts. When the two men meet, Ms. Byrnes creates an explosive synergy which I thought would melt my e-reader.

Dean and Matt develop a quick draw relationship which went from zero to sixty in no time flat with an underlying sense of vulnerability, lending itself to a great story.

Ms. Byrnes captivated my attention with sharp characters, easy banter and secondary characters which enhanced the overall flow of the book. Dean and Matt were open and desirable, qualities endearing to each other and this reader.  Ms. Byrnes has found a new fan and I look forward to more books in the Kansas City Heat series.

Sexy and Sizzling
A four handcuff review


  1. Wow, this was great to wake up to. So pleased that you enjoyed the book. Thanks very much!

  2. The pleasure was all mine! I'm looking forward to the next book.