Friday, October 31, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Taylor's Task by Jenna Byrnes

A rapist changes his targets from hookers to reputable women. Can frightened townspeople rely on the KCPD to solve the crimes?

Detective Jeff Taylor of the KCPD Vice Squad is determined to nab the latest serial rapist preying on the city. As the violence escalates, murmurs of negligence plague the force. Tired of the accusations against the police, Jeff ramps up the investigation. With the members of the local neighborhood watch breathing down his neck, he and the Vice Squad are in a race to apprehend the suspect before anyone else is injured.

Reese Iverson owns the Cock and Bull British Pub, located in direct proximity to where the violence is occurring. Along with matching the reward money, he takes an active role in the neighborhood group. He also has his eye on Jeff, and his interest there is more than professional. Can they work together to solve the case or will their different methods drive them apart?

Taylor’s Task was everything this reviewer hoped for. As a new fan of Jenna Byrnes and the Kansas City Heat series, I looked forward to getting my hands on this book, and was definitely not disappointed.

Jeff Taylor, vice cop, was searching for a serial rapist. Struggling to find the perpetrator, while maintaining civility with the community, Jeff enlists the help of neighborhood watch member and owner of the Cock and Bull Pub, Reece Iverson to keep the restless community informed.

Oh how Jeff was attracted to the lovely lilt of a British accent. The pull between them instantaneous, both searching for the same things~ make the neighborhood safe and navigate the waters of attraction and desire.

Jeff and Reece were larger than life characters, each man creating a presence that filled the pages.

Ms. Byrnes crafted flaws and nuances which enhanced the story and the personality of the men. The realities of a service profession, age differences and societal stigmas, were aptly portrayed through the author’s written word.

A hunk in uniform, a British owner of an authentic pub in K.C. and steamy sex~ grab a tall glass of wine, lay back and relax, because a night with Taylor’s Task is about to create a feeling of euphoria and orgasmic high.

Definite S.E.X
A five handcuff review


  1. Wow, thanks so much Evelise! You sure know how to make my day. It's exciting when a reader gets what I'm trying to say. Appreciate it so much!