Friday, December 5, 2014

S.E.X. Review~ Just This Once by A.J. Ridges

When the geeky kid Nick used to bully returns home as a successful and incredibly sexy man, Nick’s hidden desires flair to life.
Nick is all grown up, but he still can’t admit his feelings for Seth. After one shared night of pleasure, Nick walks away confused and insecure.
However, when another man is suddenly interested in Seth, Nick has a decision to make — face his fears and fight for what he wants, or risk losing Seth forever...
This is a complete, short, smutty romance containing explicit m/m sexual situations, content and language, intended for adult readers.

Just This Once by A.J. Ridges was a quick, sexy read of friends to lovers with a different twist. Having known each other in school, never really associating, Nick and Seth found themselves working for the same company.

Seth was out and proud, while Nick played the straight card although he had feelings for Seth that remained unresolved. Playing a dangerous game with the potentiality to back fire, Nick approached Seth to teach him the ways of anal sex~ so he could have sex with his girlfriend.

For a quick read, A.J. Ridges delivered steamy goodness with left little to the imagination. The banter, the sex, the emotional angst kept this reader interested and on the edge. My only complaint~ longer would have been better.

Just This Once brought unrequited love to the forefront and a necessity to create a sexual fantasy overrode either man’s desire to remain alone. Seth and Nick were perfect for each other, complimentary physically and emotionally.
 Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

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