Saturday, January 31, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ Ricky's Dilemma by Skye Michaels

Ricky Estavez immigrated to the U.S. when life in Mexico became unbearable. His traditional Mexican family could not accept his homosexuality. His comfortable life was disrupted when his fraternal twin brother, Fernando, a star in the Mexican prosecutor’s office in Mexico City finds himself in the cross-hairs of a cartel death sentence. 

Dom Sam McCade, special consultant to Homeland Security on the immigration issue, was staying at the exclusive Wilton Park Grand Hotel on vacation. When Eric walked into the salon where Ricky worked for a haircut, both men were instantly smitten. 

A relationship developed, but Ricky did not feel he could confide his brother’s problem to the government consultant. When Sam asked Ricky to accompany him on a luxury New Years’s cruise to Cozumel aboard the Golden Dolphin, Ricky can’t pass up the opportunity to rescue his brother from the drug cartel. 

Can Ricky save his brother from the Juarez cartel, and can he salvage the relationship with Sam that was damaged by his lack of trust?

Ricky’s Dilemma by Skye Michaels was a wonderful addition to The Wilton Park Grand Hotel series. Ricky, an out and proud hair stylist had the pleasure of Sam McCade walking into the salon where he worked for a snip and style. Sam, a consultant for Homeland Security happened to be on vacation at the Wilton Park Grand Hotel. The Dom was immediately smitten with the fiery Latin.

Ricky and Sam hit it off right away even with Ricky’s reservations of a D/s relationship. What I enjoyed about the book~ the focus was not necessarily on the physical aspect of the D/s relationship but the trust involved and the cultural issues with being a Latin man~ machismo. Even though Ricky was gay and not the norm of what his very culturally-sound family would have wanted, his upbringing still played a part in his life and the potential bond with Sam.

Ms. Michaels did a lovely job of depicting the ramifications of a stoic Mexican extended family and their attitudes. She delivered Ricky’s reservations with clarity; whether talking about his parents or his lack of trust to divulge to Sam the real reason he agreed to return to Mexico with him.

I appreciated Ms. Michaels' continuously bringing in past characters from her other series and intertwining their lives to enhance the plot and depth of the story.

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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