Saturday, February 14, 2015

S.E.X. Reviews~ Danny's Escape by Skye Michaels

Danny Holcomb is involved in a dangerous Master/slave relationship with sadistic Dom, Randy Newman. When Randy leaves Danny beaten and barely conscious in the dungeon theme room at The Black Iris Club, Dom Jack Brown steps in. Danny moves to a secluded cottage off the grid at The Wilton Park Grand Hotel and takes a job as assistant manager while he struggles to heal from his ordeal. 

Rush Tanner, a New York sex therapist and psychologist is planning to move his practice to Fort Lauderdale. Rush meets Danny at the Brown-Gallagher wedding at The Black Dahlia Hotel on Christmas Eve. Despite early fireworks, Danny and Rush hit it off, and their relationship is becoming important to both of them.

Randy had been staking out the Wilton Grand in hopes of catching up with Danny.

Can Rush and their friends from security at The Black Dahlia track Danny down in time to save him from Randy Newman’s wrath? Will Rush and Danny’s relationship survive another catastrophe at the hands of Randy Newman?

Danny’s Escape by Skye Micheals is the current story of The Wilton Park Grand Hotel series. Danny has been rescued by Dom Jack Brown after being left beaten by his master. Jack takes Danny under his wing, giving him a chance at a new life~ a job as assistant manager at WPG, a secluded place to live and an introduction to his friend Rush Tanner.

What I liked about this particular story was that Danny and Rush didn’t immediately fall into a relationship or even love. Rush was attracted to the skittish sub, but Danny stood fast in his resolve to take things slow on a more vanilla level as opposed to a BDSM style relationship.

Ms. Michaels allowed the bond to develop slowly and with deliberation, as Danny came to terms with his former master and his need, albeit still submissive, to be in control of his own life. Kudos to Ms. Michaels for giving us a Dom who could do vanilla as well as BDSM and still be satisfied in the relationship.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

Definite S.E.X.
A five handcuff review

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