Sunday, March 29, 2015

S.E.X. Review~ The Other Side of Winter~ G.B. Gordon

Not all wounds are visible.

Skanian investigator Bengt fell in love with fellow policeman Alex Rukow in a week. But that was a year ago, and they’ve been apart ever since. Then Alex escapes the corrupt and destitute island nation of Santuario and comes to live with Bengt. Happy ever after . . .?

Alex’s lifelong dream of leaving Santuario has come true at last. But he finds himself adrift in a society he doesn’t understand. Worse, past nightmares come back to haunt him, and after so many years of suspicion and self-reliance, it’s harder than he imagined to trust someone else.

Bengt just wants Alex to share his comfortable life. But the more he tries to give, the more Alex pulls away. Their physical connection couldn’t be better, but Bengt can’t seem to get through to his difficult, taciturn lover outside the bedroom. Meanwhile, he has his own demons to confront—not to mention a serial killer on the loose.

Bengt and Alex must dig deep for the courage to face their pasts, but it may be too late to save their relationship or their lives.

I knew that I wanted to read The Other Side of Winter if nothing else but to find out that Begnt and Alex get their HEA. What I got was beyond anything I could have expected as G.B. Gorgon took me on a roller coaster ride of emotional upheaval and intrigue. Without a doubt I loved this book. I fell I love with Bengt and Alex from the first page and continued to do so as I read each subsequent page.

Gordon delivered turmoil and subtlety in every scene and action. Since reading Santuario first (which I highly recommend be read in order), I was easily able to navigate the dialects and nuances emanating from both men.

Alex’s discomfort and demons radiated through the pages as the author led us closer to understanding his sense of survival and the need to be loved, not kept. Alex’s underlying charismatic personality led to an endearment from this reader that left my heart heavy with emotion.

Bengt and Alex were the imperfect-perfect couple; complimenting each other’s strengths and weaknesses realistically— not a fairy tale.

I can only hope G. B. Gordon takes us more into this beautifully written world.
Book provided by author/publisher in exchange for an honest review

Definite S.E.X
A five handcuff review

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